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How to Make the Saran Wrap Ball game filled with gifts and loads of fun!
This is how to Make a Saran Wrap/Plastic wrap ball game filled with gifts. Fun to play with family at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Wonder Ball Shrink Wrap Game.
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Chub Suit Wrestling!!!!!!- Just Dance 4 with dad
Fun video of me and my dad doing some just dance in chub suits.
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How To Draw an easy Monster for kids
How to draw a cute monster quickly for kids. One of my favorite fun and easy monster picture to draw. Subscribe to my youtube channel! Frankenstein!
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Winding up toy chicken after putting in candy and then chicken poops candy
Winding up the candy pooping chicken and letting it do its thing.
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Bean Boozled Challenge with RainbowBunnieDayz!!!!
Sorry, too long of video. Had to cut it. My bad. Hope you enjoy it anyway!
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Washington Dc. Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is a video that is uploaded late. To be exact, 2 months late so i'm sorry. This video is full of almost all of my experiences at Washington Dc including seeing the White House!!!!!!! Enjoy! Also if any of the labels for the places are wrong, correct me please. I'm not good with the places there. It was a fun trip.
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Trip To The Redwood Forest
Enjoy a beautiful video of traveling through the Redwood Forest!😎😍😎
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My Dog's Slideshow
A cute video of my dog Riley
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Meet Riley my loving dog
Meet my favorite dog Riley.
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Unwrapping Easter plastic egg and discovering what is inside
Unwrapping the plastic Easter egg and discovering two packages of m&m's inside
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Bad Dog!
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Watching Riley our dog watch life happening
Cute puppy of mine.
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Solar Eclipse!!!! And Random Stuff
Pictures of solar eclipse and more! The music in the background is my own music!
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Cars spin at NAIAS
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Must Go To New York City!
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New York
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Christmas Year 2014
First iMovie. Sprained ankle at airtime a few days before Christmas.
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My best: Für Elise by Beethoven
This video is my very best on playing the song Für Elise by Beethoven. Sorry about the lag in video. The camera messes up the view.
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Adventures On Monster Island
Making a scary iMovie. Playing around having fun.
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Old Goth Cosplay! How to
How to old goth cosplay. Great video on doing my Halloween makeup.
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