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4 Vs of Big Data
This video helps to understand the different components that define Big Data and the importance of each component.
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Marketing Mix Modeling
This videos explains the basic concept of Marketing Mix Modeling with an easy to understand example.
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DPSM - Distribution, Pricing, Shelving and Merchandising
This video explains what is DPSM and how its fruitful assessment can help in achieving a competitive advantage.
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Transforming healthcare through big data and analytics
In this video, Rachit Dhir- Vice President, Global Consulting, Insurance and Healthcare gives an overview of the US healthcare industry and the factors that drive high healthcare costs in the country. He also highlights how leading Payers & Providers across the globe are leveraging analytics to achieve better health outcomes at a lower cost.
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Assortment Optimization
This videos explains what Assortment Optimization is and how it can be used to increase your sales based on historical data, demographic information and consumer behavioral patterns.
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Fractal Analytics- Corporate Overview
Fractal Analytics believe analytics is critical to develop a deep understanding of consumers and earn customer loyalty, and make better data-informed decisions. Leading global companies partner with Fractal Analytics to build breakthrough analytics solutions, set up analytical centers of excellence, and institutionalize data-driven decisioning. We are the most global analytics provider in the world serving Fortune 500 companies in CPG, financial services, insurance, retail, technology and pharma in over 150 countries. We have offices in San Mateo, New Jersey, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Dubai.
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RFM Analysis
This video helps in determining the value of customers on the basis of recency, frequency and monetary value of the purchase made by them.
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Price Analytics
In this video, Shreyas Bhindwale - Senior Analyst at Fractal Analytics talks about how analytics can help organisations make better pricing decisions
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Numeric Distribution and Weighted Distribution
In this video, Deepika Nayak - Senior Analyst, Fractal Analytics, explains the concept of Numeric Distribution and Weighted Distribution and their importance as a part of company strategies.
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Multiplicative Marketing Mix Modeling
The accuracy of Marketing Mix depends on the choice of regression. Linear regression has been the choice among business analyst for its ease of use, understandability and interpretability of results. Recently, multiplicative log-linear statistical approach is being used to represent the business more accurately. In this paper, we aim to simplify the business interpretations of the statistical analysis for marketing teams in business & analytics.
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Fractalites share what brings them joy at work
Fractal Analytics is a global provider of predictive analytics and decision sciences to Fortune 500 companies in CPG, financial services, insurance, retail, technology and pharma in over 150 countries. In this video, Fractalites share their experience of working with the company and how the work culture makes Fractal a great place to work.
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Type I Type II Error
In this video, Tomal Biswas - Analytics Lead at Fractal Analytics helps understand how in the most accurate of hypothesis tests inherent errors can compromise reliability
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Nash Equilibrium and Prisoner's Dilemma
This video helps in understanding two important concepts of Competitive Pricing Strategies through a simple example
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What makes Fractal Analytics a great place to work?
Be a part of data and analytics revolution. Fortune 500 companies partner with Fractal to build breakthrough analytic solutions, set-up analytical centers of excellence, and create a culture of data driven decisioning. If you have passion for analytics and passion to solve client problem, talk to us.
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Post Campaign Analysis
In this video, Brijesh Vora - Analytics Lead at Fractal Analytics explains the concept of Post Campaign Analysis and its benefits.
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Customer Segmentation for Brand Loyalty
See how segmentation can help to identify potentially profitable customers to make the loyalty program a success.
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Bengaluru Office Inauguration
Watch the video of our new Bengaluru office.
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How to predict claims estimation accurately?
In this video, Nitin Jain, Director - Analytics Capabilities & Solutions, shares how predictive analytics is a better approach for accurate estimation at claim level and how it helps in increasing efficiency of claims operations.
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Principal Component Analysis
In this video, Manika Temani - Business Analyst at Fractal Analytics explains what is principal component analysis and the role it plays in exploratory data analysis.
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Segmentation by Clustering in retail
In this video, Sumadhura Sen - Business Analyst at Fractal Analytics explains why and how to target the best profitable customers in a retail environment.
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Share of Wallet
This video explains the concept of "Share of Wallet" in CPG industry and how companies use it to grow their business
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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
In this video, Prashant Warrier- Chief Data Scientist, explains how Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally changing the way analytics is delivered and how Deep Learning has progressed rapidly and become the go to approach for most big data problems.
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Big Data Analytics Summit'14 features Srikanth Velamakanni on ET Now
Business World Big Data Analytics Summit 2014, India Srikanth Velamakanni as session moderator: Are we ready to win & serve global clients on big data and its relevance in today's times.
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Client Engagement at Fractal Analytics
Fortune 500 companies partner with Fractal to build breakthrough analytics solutions, set up analytical centers of excellence, and create a culture of data driven decisioning.
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Culture at Fractal Analytics
In this video, Rajeswari Aradhyula- Chief People Officer, Human Capital explains how Fractal is bulding itself to be the world's most respected analytics company.
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Women's Day at Fractal Analytics
Hear from our female employees on how they feel empowered at Fractal.
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Solving Big Data Challenges with Analytics
Fortune 500 companies, which partner with Fractal and apply advanced analytics to their big data, are best equipped to connect with consumers, win their loyalty, streamline processes and conceptualize real-time solutions. Fractal acts as their research partner to provide faster, smarter and easier decisions with latest scientific approach.
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Elevating Analytics Usage
In this video Sanat Pai Raikar, Senior Consultant - Strategic Client Partnerships talks about how you can prioritize your analytics needs and design a plan to institutionalize analytics in your organization.
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Types of Data - CPG Industry
In this video, Moiz Shujaee - Analyst at Fractal Analytics helps to understand the various sources from which data can be gathered.
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Footfall Analysis
In this video, Mayuri Ugale - Senior Analyst, Fractal Analytics explains how an organisation can identify and improve its customer conversation rate using footfall analysis.
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Trade Promotion Optimization
This video shows how a CPG manufacturer can maximize its sales by optimizing its spend on different promotional activities.
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Role of Balanced Score Card
In this video, Deepika Kadam - Analyst at Fractal Analytics explains how strategy is broken down into objectives which define what needs to be done in each aspect (perspective) of the business.
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Recommendation Systems
See how different recommender systems are used for hyper personalization of recommendations in various business scenarios.
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Fractal Analytics shares benefits of Big Data analytics on Fox Business News
Successful companies know analytics is the key to harness the power of Big Data to turn customers into fans and drive more profitable decisions. Companies want to understand consumer behavior more completely so they can build products that customers' love. To decode this behavior, companies are turning to experienced analytics companies to help them transform their data into insights that drive customer and shareholder value.
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Collections and Recovery Management
In this video, Anvi Vora - Senior Consultant at Fractal Analytics explains, what is meant by collections and recovery management in financial services and understand the steps involved in the process.
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Downsizing Strategy
In this video, Swati Shriyan - Business Analyst at Fractal Analytics explains what is product downsizing strategy and how it is used by manufacturers.
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Competitive Benchmarking
This video explains the methodology to formulate a competitive growth strategy by identifying key areas of improvement and the best approach in that direction.
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Security and Data Protection at Fractal Analytics
At Fractal Analytics, we take security and data privacy very seriously. In this video, we will highlight the security and data protection features within Fractal's work environment to protect our clients' data around the world.
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Learning at Fractal Analytics
In this video, Tejas Sanghvi - Vice President, Fractal Analytics Academy, talks about the how our onboarding program helps an individual to learn analytics tools & techniques, consulting and communication. We also offer analytics training for our clients in the areas of analytics appreciation, consumption and sophistication.
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Cross - Sell and Up - Sell
See how historical data can be useful for personalised cross selling and up selling, thereby creating a win - win situation for a customer as well the retailer
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POS Data
In this video, Tariq Munshi - Analyst Lead at Fractal Analytics explains how to Leverage Point of Sales Data Analytics to drive informed decision making for CPG and Retails Clients
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Significance of P-Value
In this video, Animesh Kumar Verma - Senior Analyst, Fractal Analytics, helps in understanding the concept of P-value and its application in statistical techniques such as Hypothesis Testing.
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List Price
This video shows how companies define list price inorder to attract more customers.
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Marketing forecasting for a single and accurate version of truth
In this video, Frank Racioppi - Vice President, Global Client Development, Consumer goods and Retail, explains the different types of forecasting methods used at Fractal which have multiple benefits in terms of saving time and efforts to produce reasonably accurate forecasts compared to the traditional solutions
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Customer Genomics - Fractal's AI-Powered Personalization product
Watch this video for an overview of Customer Genomics, Fractal's AI-Powered Personalization product, which enables asset management firms around the world to accelerate their journey towards customer centricity.
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People Analytics
In this video, Amit Johari - Senior Vice President, People Analytics, explains how organizations feel that creating or maturing their HR Analytics function is their strategic priority over the next 1-3 years and discusses the trends that are shaping up this thinking.
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Price Modeling: The right level of data aggregation
In this video, Amit Gupta explains how to choose the right level of data aggregation in your pricing models for the success of your brand.
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Cross Media
This video talks about the different types of media used for promotion and the use of cross media measurement to quantify the direct and indirect impact of these media on the sales of a product.
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Premiumization of consumers
In this video, Divya Agarwal - Senior Consultant, Big Data and Visualization, talks about how finding the right pricing strategy for premiumization is a must to enable the movement of consumers and succeed in a competitive marketplace.
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