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Merchandising Tips from a Small Store
Use this video to help employees learn some of the merchandise techniques used in small stores.
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Using Technology to Improve Retail
In this video, we'll explore six areas of a home improvement store where technology can make your business more efficient, more secure and more profitable. For more information and to read the complete story from Hardware Retailing, go to http://theredt.com/smart-store
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Gross Margin Return on Inventory (GMROI)
The annual Cost of Doing Business Study from the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) is the industry’s only inclusive benchmarking study and has been conducted annually for 99 years. The study provides detailed financial information from hardware stores, home centers and lumber/building material outlets. NRHA is creating a library of resources that will help you better understand and use the metrics presented throughout the Cost of Doing Business Study. These resources will be PDFs that include case studies from other retailers who have improved specific metrics, as well as videos you can share with your employees to train them to better understand the financial side of the business. The latest new resource takes a look at gross margin return on inventory (GMROI).
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The Largest Hardware Store in the United States
Hartville Hardware in Hartville, OH.
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Managing Inventory in a Small Store
This video will help employees learn some of the techniques owners of small stores use to manage inventory.
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Merchandising 911
This webcast will be a highly visual presentation that will help viewers transform their merchandising displays in just minutes. Whether it's endcaps, window displays or aisles, this webcast will address modern-day merchandising challenges and how to overcome those challenges with some creativity and basic training.
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Port-A-Cool Introduces New KuulAire Brand Name
Respected evaporation cooling system company, Port-A-Cool, introduces new residential system under the KuulAire brand name at National Hardware Show.
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An Inside Look: NRHA’s Retail Management Certification Program
NRHA’s Retail Management Certification Program has helped leaders from more than 100 businesses sharpen their skills in strategic leadership, decision-making and retail operations management. Take a look at what business owners from across the industry have to say about their experience, and get an inside look at the program.
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Mr. Heater Presents the HERO Portable Forced Air Heater
Mr. Heater's HERO portable forced air heater features a built-in cordless 8-hour battery. This heater boasts a 35,000 BTU per hour capacity and provides heat to any work area-the HERO can heat spaces up to the size of a two-car garage. The HERO features a built-in rechargeable battery and can be charged in five hours. This heater can operate while charging and runs up to 12 hours on a 20-pound tank.
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How to Sell More Electrical Supplies
Nate Albert, store manager of Kin-Ko Ace, located in Lockport, Ill., shows how he drives more sales in his electrical department.
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Improve Your Average Transaction Size
Share this video with your team to help them better understand average transaction size and how they can impact this metric. Visit http://www.hardwareretailing.com/codb-transaction-size to download the PDF, which includes strategies on how to improve average transaction size and case studies of other retailers.
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How to Sell Paint
Want more ideas on how to sell paint in your hardware or home store? This featured video from Beacon Paint and Hardware in New York City will show you how to capitalize on paint.
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Interview with Pat Farrah, Co-Founder of The Home Depot
Pat Farrah, co-founder of the Home Depot, spoke with NRHA TV about the 2010 National Hardware Show and how the industry has changed since he entered the market more than 40 years ago.
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Innovative Loss Prevention Tactics
Buchheit Stores is making investigations related to shoplifting easier for the local police department with a couple of major loss prevention tactics. Brian Clubb, former law enforcement officer and corporate loss prevention officer with Buchheit Stores, explains the security measures that help the company mitigate loss.
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Montana Retailer Discusses his Store Redesign
TJ. Comstock of Billings Hardware in Billings, Mont. recently completed some renovations to his store. He gives some insight on when is a good time to remodel and what sort of things you should consider changing in your store.
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Steve Draeger from United Hardware Looks Ahead to 2011
NRHA TV caught up with Steve Draeger from United Hardware at their January Market to see what's in store for 2011.
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The Importance of Team Building
At HPM in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, employees regularly participate in team-building activities. The benefits of those times together are numerous, including improved communication, comradery among employees who don’t normally work together and increased respect for each other. In this video, Tracie White, talent development manager for HPM, guides employees through a team building activity and reflects on the value it has for the store.
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Orgill Reveals Canadian-Compliant Model Store
At its 2012 Spring Dealer Market, Orgill Inc., presented three model stores for attendees to browse. An all Canadian-compliant set featured Canadian and American-manufactured products that complied with Canadian saftey and packaging requirements.
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Tips for Selling a 4-Step Lawn Care Program
This video will review some basic product knowledge your employees need to know when selling a 4-step lawn care program.
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Midwest Fastener—Sponsor of 2016 Young Retailer of the Year
Midwest Fastener—Sponsor of 2016 Young Retailer of the Year
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How-to Sell: Selling to Women
Female Factor Corporation CEO and Author of the new book "What She Buys" offers hardware retailers tips on becoming more female friendly following her keynote on the NRHA stage at the 2010 National Hardware Show®.
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"Energize Your Employees"
Elliot Greenberg, JC Licht, Illinois For more information about NRHA's Retail Management Certification Program visit www.nrharmcp.com or hear what others are saying at www.nrharmcp.com/testimonials.
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NRHA’s Retail Management Certification Program
NRHA’s Retail Management Certification Program is a college-level leadership and retail management program developed by independent retailer for independent retailers in conjunction with Butler University. Program graduates and past sponsors share details of their experience with the program including the aspects they benefited from: development of leadership and retail management skills, one-on-one business coaching, a lifetime network of peers and a ROI from a completed business improvement project.
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DeNault's True Value Talks Circulars
At DeNault's True Value Hardware in Southern California, owner Ruth DeNault uses a variety of advertising methods to promote her stores. Check out how she combines circulars, YouTube videos and social media to get the most out of her advertising dollars.
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Engaging the Customer
In this video, Andy Kuenning, Store Manager of Western Ohio True Value in St. Henry, Ohio, shares how to properly greet and assist customers. This video is a training tool training managers of home improvement stores can use in an employee meeting as a refresher on good selling techniques.
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Attracting Contractor Customers Through Tool Sales
Joe Araiza of Ganahl Lumber discusses how the company has positioned itself as the go-to place for contractors and professionals looking to stock up on hand and power tools. From hosting demo days in the stores to providing deep discounts during major tool sales, Araiza explains how Ganahl has worked hard to create relationships with all of its customers.
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Push Mower Selling Tips
In this video, Ron Gladieux, President of Gladieux Home Center in Oregon, Ohio, shares how he helps customers decide which push lawn mower meets their needs the best. This video is a training tool training managers of home improvement stores can use in an employee meeting to get their employees ready for the spring selling season.
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Understanding the Payroll-Sales Metric
Share this video with your team to help them better understand how payroll impacts a business and how they can help improve this metric by focusing on productivity. Visit http://www.hardwareretailing.com/understanding-payroll to download a PDF that accompanies the video and includes strategies on how to improve payroll along with case studies of other retailers.
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Employee Motivation
As the old adage says—a happy employee makes for a happy customer. This webcast will explore simple yet effective ways to create a positive working environment for employees. Try some of these tips to let your employees know they are making a difference—it could mean more sales and less employee turnover.
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The $100,000 Difference
Do you operate a typical or high-profit home improvement store? Check out this video to see how Bill, a hardware store owner, goes from operating a typical hardware store to a high-profit one, earning $100,000 more in profit each year. Then visit TheRedT.com/codb to learn more about the North American Retail Hardware Association’s Cost of Doing Business Study.
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Oxford Feed and Lumber Takes Farm and Ranch to the Next Level
In Oxford, Pa., Larry Drennen of Oxford Feed and Lumber has made his store a destination for everything farm and ranch. From a variety of horse feed to accessories and giftware, Drennen has turned a niche category into a major opportunity.
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Developing Metrics
Managing Editor Jaime Koch shares her tips for helping home improvement retailers develop metrics for their operations in her monthly how-to management vlog (video blog). Check out how Jaime suggests you tackle metrics in three easy steps.
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Green Mountain Ace
At Green Mountain Ace Hardware in Lakewood, Colo., Todd Erwin, operations officer, decided to expand into an outdoor living center in 2002 and it has grown to become one of his most profitable departments since. Now, Green Mountain Ace has everything from lawn treatments to bird feeders and an array of solar lighting. Check out how his store stays successful in outdoor living year-round, despite the weather.
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How-to: Sell the Whole Project, Not Just Products
Hardware Retailing magazine interviews Pat Deary, owner of Ace Hardware in Noblesville, Indiana, for his tricks on project upselling.
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Kief Hardware — Do it Best on the Bayou
James Cabirac of Kief Hardware in Louisiana decided to film a television series as a unique way to promote his stores and better reach his customers. In this episode, Cabirac gives his viewers a tour of one of his stores.
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Bass Pro Merchandising
Many retailers have said they look outside the home improvement industry for inspiration when they try to find ways to make their stores more exciting and compelling for customers. One retailer often cited is Bass Pro Shops, which has made its name as one of the most creative and entertaining retailers in the marketplace today. In fact, its 56 stores in the U.S. and Canada attract an annual average of 112 million visitors, more visitors than a Disney property attracts in a year. We asked Larry Whiteley, who is the manager of communications and outdoor education for the company, to tell us what it is that makes Bass Pro unique. After watching this store tour, stay tuned for the October issue of Hardware Retailing where we'll look to more retailers outside the industry for best-in-class merchandising ideas.
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Our Three Pennies of Profit - Trailer
Originally created in 1990, "Our Three Pennies of Profit" retail training video helps independent retail hardware store, home improvement center and lumberyard owners and retail store managers better communicate the fundamental elements of retail profit and loss to their employees.
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A Look Around McGuckin Hardware
With 18 departments and 60,000 square feet of selling space, McGuckin Hardware in Boulder, Colo., has made a name for itself as the place that carries everything. Randy Dilkes, store manager, tells us a little about the history of McGuckin and gives us some behind-the-scenes insights to the store's diverse product mix.
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How to Sell Building Materials
What are high-performance lumber and building material retailers doing to keep their businesses profitable, especially in light of the recent economy? This webinar will explore trends in this important business segment and how retailers are responding. It comes down to strengthening fundamentals of retail and improving efficiency.
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Interview with Mark Delaney from NPD Group
Mark Delaney from the NPD Group shares insight on where the home improvement industry is heading.
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Hardware Retailing is More than a Magazine
Listen to retailers and manufacturers in the home improvement industry speak about why the Hardware Retailing brand is important to them and their businesses.
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Introduction to the Inventory Cycle
Use this video to review the basic elements of the inventory cycle.
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Differentation through Assortment Planning
As the race for customer service gets harder, independent retailers must think of creative ways to differentiate their stores. In this month's vlog, Managing Editor Jaime Koch walks you through her top five tips for finding inspiration on new and unique product lines.
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Amteco at the 2010 National Hardware Show®
Amteco at the 2010 National Hardware Show®
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Ronna Kilts: 2018 Young Retailer of the Year
Ronna Kilts Mattson’s Hardware, Howard City, Michigan Manager Ronna oversaw a complete store remodel resulting in improved merchandising and inventory control. She also regularly organizes events which unite her community.
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Tips for Selling a Deck Staining Project
Review some basic product knowledge your employees can use to help customers show are preparing for a deck staining project.
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Why Hardware Retailing is the Market Leader
Dan Tratensek, Publisher of Hardware Retailing, discusses the most effective ways you can deliver your brand message to the home improvement industry's 35,000+ retailers. www.hardwareretailing.com
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Ryan Ringer: 2015 Young Retailer of the Year
Ryan's first major business changes resulted in sales increase of 186 percent over four years. After he opened a second location in 2008, a major recession hit the area. Business rebounded after Ryan invested in an advertising campaign. He opened a third location in 2014.
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A Fresh Take on the Traditional Market
Hardware Retailing editors report live from Orgill's Fall Dealer Market, which ran Aug. 18-20 in Boston.
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