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crazy Sims 4 pee bug
My character has always been female, and not being able to pee whilst standing, nevertheless, in the Forgotten Grotto secret area, there's a toilet where I picked the option "Study for Historical Insights" (added after Jungle Adventure Game Pack) and she suddenly started peeing like a dude whilst studying a toilet.
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Sovngarde dialogue: ALL faction responses from Tsun - Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim
Just a video to show all of Tsun's responses when you try to enter the Hall of Valor. You will always get the option for the Dragonborn response. For the Companions, College of Winterhold and Dark Brotherhood options, you need to finish ALL quests for each faction to get the respective choice, whereas for the Thieves Guild choice, you only need to become Nocturnal's Nightingale in the quest "Trinity Restored". Skyrim belongs to Bethesda Softworks.
Views: 118140 Makoto Mikami
Send In The Clones (Supergirl)
One of my favorite missions from Saint Rows The Third DLC's Trouble With Clones, featuring my character dressed as Supergirl! :D
Views: 11599 Makoto Mikami
Soul Calibur 3 (PS2) Nevula VS Hellix
Just a little fight with two of my custom characters from my comic book, Nevula :D
Views: 251 Makoto Mikami
Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children AMV Navras
A music video I did on Final Cut Pro, features song Navras by Don Davis and Juno Reactor with clips from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children :D
Views: 900 Makoto Mikami
Cute kitten playing
A stray kitten we found playing with toys.
Views: 33 Makoto Mikami
Kitten and cat play on my desk
Kofi and Nowa playing at biting.
Views: 37 Makoto Mikami
Kitten playing with tissue box
Kofi being mischievous anf hyperactive AF.
Views: 14 Makoto Mikami
Gentleman Nerds Assemble
Nerds Assemble May 5 2013, Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua.
Views: 860 Makoto Mikami
Cat playing with sandal at airport
Warning: a jet is about to take off in this video, it's totally not my bad A/C.
Views: 85 Makoto Mikami
Gangnam Style Nerds Assemble
Nerds Assemble May 5 2013, Juarez, Chih.
Views: 412 Makoto Mikami
Kofi and Vaca playing
Kofi playing with Vaca.
Views: 37 Makoto Mikami
Stop All The Downloads Part 2 (Nevula)
This is my FAVORITE part of ALL missions in Saints Row The Third! And that's only because of the awesome background music, "Pitiless" by Dilemn! :D
Views: 171 Makoto Mikami
Blender Fire Tornado
Some silly Mexican kids...
Views: 344 Makoto Mikami
Cat playing fetch
My 1 year-old male cat Nowa playing fetch with a ball of paper :)
Views: 189 Makoto Mikami
Cat grooming adopted kitten
Vaca grooming Kofi
Views: 30 Makoto Mikami
Stop All The Downloads Part 1 (Nevula)
One of my favorite missions, I REALLY wish you could replay them without having to start a new game or create a special save file (that you can always accidentally overwrite) ._. This video features my custom-made character dressed to resemble as much as possible, my comic book character, Nevula :D
Views: 71 Makoto Mikami
Cat grooming while kitten falls asleep
Vaca grooming herself while Kofi goes to sleep.
Views: 23 Makoto Mikami

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