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Who's gonna be in my series for Lab Life?🤔 *Read Description*
Sorry for everyone that didn't get picked...But I still hope you enjoy the series!
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The Bullies || Gacha Studio || Ep 1
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Guys..I Have Some News... *PLEASE WATCH*
I am very sorry, but this is the way it is. I hope you all won't be disappointed
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Cheater~Part 1~Gacha Studio
Gacha Studio!
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My first video! Slime Pet Peeves🐶🐱
My first video! Please have no hate and I hope I can get on the top page for "Slime Pet Peeves!"
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Poor~Part 1~Gacha Studio
Hey everyone! I am hoping that some of you make a difference by helping people out. Thanks!
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Sad Texting Story ll Textingstory.com
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Live :)
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School Haul! || DIY Sydney
Hey everyone! If you liked anything in my backpack, or the backpack itself, comment down below! In the background, was the movie 'Ready Player One.' As I said, I'm super obsessed with it! You guys should watch it!
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Abused//Read Description!//Xii_Sydney
Sorry in the beginning, Everest was supposed to say no, so sorry bout that. But anyways! I am going to be doing this series only for now, -cough- even though I said I’m quitting YouTube, I’m not! So I lied about that :/
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My Dogs!
Get to know them! In my videos they will be in the background!♡☆♡☆
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Little update!
This is a little update on my life rn...give this video a thumbs up, subscribe, and turn on the post notifications!!❤️😁
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