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Goku Summons Zeno + Zeno erases Future Trunks Timeline
Goku summons Omni King Zeno.
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Galactic Kids Next Door Teaser
Is this the teaser to the sequel to kids next door? Many believe this is just an april fools joke but many also believe it is not. There's a website with a countdown to something related to this http://rainbowmonkeys.com/
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Goku Summons Shenron - Dragon Ball Super Episode 68
Goku summons shenron once again
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Raw 25th Anniversary Official Opening
intro to raw 25
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Mai Attacks Black Goku And Zamasu Using a Sniper Dragon Ball Super Episode 63
If the bullet hit Black it may had actually wrecked him.
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Future Zeno Meets Present Zeno Dragon Ball Super Episode 67
Zeno meets his new friend, himself.
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Miz Appears at Manhattan Center After Winning IC Title Raw25
When my hand goes up.... your mouth goes shut
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Cartoon Network Eras History
A few bumpers from EVERY cartoon network era. Sorry about some parts freezing.
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Goku And Vegeta Fuse! Vegito Is Reborn!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 66
Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegito. Fear the power of Vegito Blue!
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Zamasu Becomes Black Goku And Kills Goku Chi Chi and Goten
Zamasu is just as bad as Frieza now...wow..
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Steamed Hams but it's edited like Yu Gi Oh
steamed hams but chalmers almost sends skinner to the shadow realm
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Bulma Tries To Seduce Zamasu + Trunks Seals Zamasu With Mafuba
bulma going back to her dragon ball roots...zamasu is not pleased
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Angry Crowd at Manhattan Center Raw 25
after barely getting anything, the crowd begins to flip out
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Super Trunks Vs Zamasu Dragon Ball Super Episode 63
Trunks goes up against the immortal zamasu.
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Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks, Goku, Vegeta and Bulma Go To The Future
z fighters go back to the future to look for zamasu and goku black
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Getting Destroyed in Duel with a Joey Deck - Yugioh Dueling Book
Tried to duel using battle city joey deck, did not end well..
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Young Bucks Refuse to Go Home Until Devitt Throws them out
Young Bucksuuu GO HOMEEMUUU
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Cartoon Network Checkboard Era bumpers
A few bumpers from the checkboard era of cartoon network. I hope you'll like them. I'll be uploading a few more bumpers from the other eras...
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Piccolo Tells Goku About The Mafuba Technique, Goku Masters It
If you read spoilers you probably expected this to happen. This move probably won't work anyway.
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Jeff Hardy Returns at Manhattan Center Raw25
Brother Nero, i knew you'd come
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Black Goku Rips The Sky Using His Scythe - Dragon Ball Super
Makes a scythe then immediately rips the sky with it.....hes so goddamn evil!!!
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WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Match Card
Royal Rumble 2018 match card !! Which will feature the first every women's royal rumble
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WWE 2K19 Daniel Bryan 2K Showcase Trailer and Gameplay
2K Showcase returns in 2K19, this time with Daniel Bryan as the focus.
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Yu-Gi-Oh Online Game Dueling Book With Joey Deck 2
Part 2 of yugioh online dueling book with joey, progress is made here.
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Super Shadow Transformation Stopmotion
Super Shadow transformation stopmotion. First time with green screen!
Views: 214 DatShadowGuyEnt
Sonic X Theme Song
The Theme song for Sonic X.
Views: 960 DatShadowGuyEnt
Shadow The Hedgehog-I Am Theme Song
Shadow The Hedgehog theme!! This will also be the theme of the series.
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Black Goku And Zamasu Fuse Using The Potara Earings
Black Goku and Zamasu finally fuse.
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Vince Mcmahon Huge XFL Announcement with Jim Ross commentary
JR reacts to Vince Mcmahon's announcement and he is not too pleased
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Dragon Ball Super Beerus kills Zamasu
Beerus kills Zamasu.
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Dragon Ball Super Black Goku Reveals His Identity
I was hoping that it wasn't this obvious
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Reaction to Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Pilot
..........you must watch it
Views: 1454 DatShadowGuyEnt
Will Universe 7 Lose The Tournament of Power ?
Are they going to lose the tournament of power ?
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Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Preview
This is an episode you don't want to miss.
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Beginner Plays :Fortnite Battle Royale Explosive Mode Solo Match #1
Watch as I fail miserably at getting first 1st play in Fortnite Battle Royale Explosive mode.
Views: 20 DatShadowGuyEnt
Shadow The Hedgehog Stopmotion: Creation of Sets Has Begun
So here's a preview of the first set I'm making for the series.
Views: 52 DatShadowGuyEnt
Stopmotion 1st Attempt
The first attempt of me doing stop motion!
Views: 27 DatShadowGuyEnt
Shadow Adventures Stopmotion: Chaos War Teaser
The universe is at stake as a war for the chaos emeralds begin. Heroes all around the universe will have to team-up to save it. SonicAndTheBeansShow as Silver
Views: 424 DatShadowGuyEnt
Shadow The Hedgehog Toy Adventures Intro(Not Complete)
The current opening of the series without the theme song. Enjoy!
Views: 58 DatShadowGuyEnt
Shadow Adventures Stopmotion New Logo
Here's the new logo for the stopmotion series! Personally I think it's better than the last one.
Views: 19 DatShadowGuyEnt
ShadowTheHedgeHog Adventures Opening
This is gonna be the current opening of the show(until I get a good editor)
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Thank you for over 50 subscribers!!
Now lets try to get to 100!
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Sonic Runners Teaser Trailer
The official teaser trailer for the new sonic game, Sonic Runners, or sanic runnars.
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Second Youtube Channel!
link to second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWn4_VClqMCRXYO0dX8klYQ
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Rocket Launch Fortnite Battle Royale
Honestly forgot there was a rocket launch today but I managed to pull through, somewhat tho
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Reaction To New Dragon Ball Z Anime
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Zamasu Joins Black Goku and Begin Their Reign of Terror
A scene showing the beginning of the black goku and zamasu team.
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Shadow The Hedgehog Toy Adventures Opening
The official opening of my stopmotion series "Shadow The Hedgehog Toy Adventures"! The search for voice actors has begun but only not publicly!
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Shadow At 28 Fps!!(Stopmotion)
Shadow at 28 fps!!!
Views: 54 DatShadowGuyEnt

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