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Jet Li Fearless MMV
enjoy guys like and subscribe to see more awesome montages
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Man Of Steel | Linkin Park Castle Of Glass
been a long time on a new video but here we go :] hope you enjoy it
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Corsham Session 2005
this is me back in 2005 i wasent great back then but what the hell just shows with training you can improve
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*Enter The Power//Enter The Dragon Bruce Lee Montage*
Bruce lee enter the dragon montage
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jet li danny the dog amv
first film montage hope you enjoy x
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warm bodies music montage
Haven t made a video for awhile hope you enjoy the video i don't endorse copyright my videos are for entertainment purposes only and i don't make money of them.Rate Subscribe and Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/JarradClemson Will be my last video for awhile :[
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Master Of Disaster Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
not a big fan of twilight but i know there is a big fan base hope you enjoy the amv
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Bristol Parkour-Jarrad clips
a short video of me in bristol doing some tricking and some parkour sorry its short but i dont have that much footage of me at the moment but there will be a full vid out soon with mitzey
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Corsham Freerunning Short
some clips 3running in corsham really short oh well :p new video out soon x
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Warning contains bum lol im still doing parkour and hopefully filming my sampler soon enjoy this small snippet
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Close to Breaking my Back
the video speaks for itself lol as im writing this my ass is in pain lol
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This Is What i live For Promo
This basially a short promo video im starting on my new video next year this is alook back of this year really hope you enjoy and my future videos too come thanks xx
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*Breaking Bad Chasing Monsters*
Breaking Bad Chasing Monsters Short Montage Video.Enjoy all of you who watch breaking Bad and the fans x
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November 2004 training
here is a video i was doing for a mate at school but i broke my ankle during the filming soz about the video aswell he wasent that good at filming
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Corvus Darth Vader Trap Mix
Short Song made by Jarrad Clemson -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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The Force is Strong With This One
You'll find I'm full of surprises!"
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jesse pinkman im out
Here is my second breaking bad montage focusing on the character Jesse pink man and how his desperately trying to get out of the meth business and how Walter likes to manilutpe him at every chance he gets.
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The Amazing Spider Man Music Video
a short Amazing Spider man Video Montage
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Distorted Dreams
short video made with sony vegas 10
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Bath Beatbox Freestyle
messing around on a parkour jam
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Halo  Gameplay
Bored over the weekend not much else to say
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Jarrad Clemson Freerunning
just a quick look back on the last few years footage is from 2006 to 2012 if you want to see a new video subscribe or if you want to train with me send me a private message thanks for taking your time to watch my video.
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2012 Jarrad 3RUN Clips.wmv
here is a little edit
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shinobi jarrad and mitzey
gotta rep the old skool
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Backflip gone wrong
doing a back flip with a mask on and bailing on to my neck
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Sasha Lake Martial Arts Action Showreel
little edit i done for a friend
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Jarrad been random
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KnockoutSlinky's Live PS4 Broadcast
• Jarrad Clemson / 25 / Graphic Designer & Video Editor & Athlete• Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. •Movie Montages •TV Show Montages •Free running •Game Montages
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swindon roof gap
kong over a roof gap in swindon
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Swindon Sesh
some clips from a swindon sesh
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constantine Bullet Train
if you want your favorite tv show or film to be montaged send me a email don't forget to subscribe if you like my videos
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Freerunning Showreel2014
Compilation of footage from 2014
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Thor || Dont Wake Me From This Nightmare
Short amv of the film Thor
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Blade Dubstep
blade montage with a dub step as a request enjoy :]
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joys of tricking dirty socks
Bit Of A fun edit
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Irobot Music Video
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Moment of Truth
Pretty proud of this video the lyrics go well as they reflect what i have been through and going through at the moment :/
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Jarrad 2007 Bristol Summer parkour
This is all my clips from this year well most of them lol so i will prob not make a video for awhile but you will see me in short videos from weston and maybe bristol but im mainly training for a good video next year enjoy xx
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2007 bristol summer freerunning remake SV.wmv
Testing some effects in Sony Vegas if you want any tutorials on any effects i use pm and i will upload the tuts on you tube the frame rate and picture quality is very poor due to the age :[ Like and Subscribe ME IM A RENEGADE :P x
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Crows Desend
old vid from my facebook
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Corvus  I Must Obey
been a bit quiet on the videos so i thought would get my crazy Imagination going enjoy this little video i put together
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KnockoutSlinky's Live PS4 Broadcast
• Jarrad Clemson / 25 / Graphic Designer & Video Editor & Athlete• Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. •Movie Montages •TV Show Montages •Free running •Game Montages
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KnockoutSlinky's Live PS4 Broadcast
• Jarrad Clemson / 25 / Graphic Designer & Video Editor & Athlete• Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. •Movie Montages •TV Show Montages •Free running •Game Montages
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Corsham 2012 Spring Sampler
filmed with a iPod touch hence the shit video quality :]
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Bristol Parkour Memories
looking back on some good Memories in Bristol x
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Journery of a Lifetime
Last video i started freerunning when i was 15 now i am 22 met some awesome people. Hope you enjoyed all my videos i made and to the peps who watched them much love "be free be different enjoy the movement enjoy the moment" Jarrad X
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