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So Sweet/Colin Firth's Adorable Reaction Seeing His Very Cute Young Self
'That was me bursting on the scene' LOL Colin's andTaron's priceless reactions seeing adorable young Colin as a Police officer (Crown Court/Citizens, 1983)
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Very Cute Young Colin Firth/'I Don't HaveTo Try, I Am Clever' :)
Lovely Colin Firth in a clip from 'Another Country' (1984, costarring Rupert Everett), Colin Firth's first appearance on the big screen, playing a young marxist in an aristocratic school. English, Chinese subtitles.
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Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth on Mr. Darcy and the 'Family-Unfriendly' 1st Version of Lake Scene :D
Hilarious clip with Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth discussing Mr. Darcy in the famous lake scene from Pride & Prejudice, the initial version of the iconic scene not being suitable for prime time, because of (lack of) underwear issues.(LOL)
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'Mamma Mia' Stars Had So Much Fun On The Set/Funny Behind The Scenes
The cutest moment is when they tie Colin Firth up, LOL. Lovely behind-the-scenes from the shooting of Mamma Mia, in Greece, with Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard, Phyllida Lloyd. We can see how much fun they had. :) Sequel is coming this year!
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Funny Colin Firth Imitating Woody Allen, Working with Emma Stone in France, Being Charming/Part 2
Colin Firth on talking to God (but his character is an atheist), imitating Woody Allen, working with Emma Stone in the beautiful South of France, being charming or just British. Full interview with D. Letterman, 17 July 2014, Part 2 Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/1-IgaR9coXY
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Mr. Darcy's Hot Looks or How To Look at Your Love Interest :)
Presenting sexy gorgeous Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth and his many hot hungry looks. :) The way Mr. Darcy looks at Elizabeth (Pride & Prejudice, 1995) has made us swoon ever since.
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Adorably Funny Colin Firth Talks Fatherhood and 'Love Actually'
Funny Colin Firth talks 'Love Actually' and becoming a father (Nov. 2003).
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Colin Firth, Hugh Grant/Their Mischievous Jokes and Fighting Each Other All The Time :D
Colin Firth and Hugh Grant's rivalry and mischievous jokes about each other are legendary.:D Funny behind the scenes clips from the shooting of the famous silly fight in the fountain and interviews with the two stars and the director of Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason.
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Colin Firth Believes He Wasn't Likeable as a Schoolboy and Shares an Early Motivation
Part 1 Sharing his early experiences as an outsider/a rebel, at school, in the United States and England, perhaps an early motivation for becoming an actor. He loved reading, literature, music, playing the guitar and 'reinventing an alternative convention'. About his drama school teaching system and Mr Darcy. Inside the Actors Studio, Feb. 2011.
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What Did Mark Darcy Do After Bridget Told Him the Great News? :D
Just for fun :D Clips from Bridget Jones's Baby & What a Girl Wants
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How To Get a Cute Spontaneous Hug from Lovely Colin Firth :)
Yes, we are jealous. :) We love Colin too! Kingsman The Golden Circle premiere in London.
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Funny Adorable Colin Firth on The Importance of Being British
Funny Colin Firth opens up on what it means to be British, old school system, guns and 'The Importance of Being Earnest' (2002), by Oscar Wilde, a brilliant adaptation also starring Reese Witherspoon, Frances O'Connor, Rupert Everett.
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Bridget, Mark Darcy & The Dustbin/Deleted Scene (Bridget Jones:The Edge Of Reason)
Deleted scene (Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason, 2004).
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Colin and Jennifer on the Set, about Darcy and Elizabeth/The Piano Scene
Mr Darcy and Elizabeth, or Colin and Jennifer, in costume, on the set of Pride & Prejudice 1995, talking about their views and feelings about their characters and why Darcy and Elizabeth are so interested in each other's opinion, although they apparently can't stand each other :) The making of the famous piano scene.
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Colin Firth Speaking at 'Mary Poppins Returns' Premiere/London
'Mary Poppins Returns' premiere in London.
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Funny Colin Firth Confesses He Loves To Sing and Dance/Mamma Mia 2 premiere London
Colin Firth admits he enjoys singing and dancing and wonders if others like it too. :) We do!
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Colin Firth/We Really Really Really Like Your Smile!
Colin Firth has the loveliest sweetest smile with dimples and we really really really love this. :)
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Sunday Morning Profile/Colin Firth (2011)
Star profile on Sunday Morning (2011) - Colin Firth, star of The King's Speech
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Adorable Emma Thompson, Colin Firth/Mary Poppins, Nannies and The Beard :)
Emma Thompson is totally surprised by Colin's beard LOL Colin Firth shares he was the object of humour on set of Nanny McPhee. :) Nanny McPhee premiere, 2006.
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Lovely Photos with Colin Firth, Meg Tilly, Son Will Firth
Lovely photos with Colin Firth, Meg Tilly and their son Will Firth/Colin Firth playing the guitar and singing 'Our Last Summer' (Mamma Mia, 2008)
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Colin Firth Opens Up in a Hysterically Funny Interview/PG 13 Please :D
Colin Firth revealing his funniest side in a hysterical interview on his personal life, being a sex-symbol, Hugh Grant as his rival, learning Italian, Italian words and their unexpected meanings, British - American style of swearing, wearing a wig to look like a famous Dutch painter/a rock star. his early days in drama school. He has to find spontaneous answers to 5 funny questions :D 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' interview, Dec. 2003
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Gorgeous Colin Firth's Perfect Speech About Actors, Helena, Geoffrey, Tom/Critics' Choice Awards/
Very moved, Colin Firth receives the award from lovely Julianne Moore and delivers a brilliant speech about the actors' need for approval, critics' 'hunting season', about working with brilliant fellow actors Helena Bonham-Carter, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce, director Tom Hooper and screenwriter David Seidler. Critics' Choice Award for his performance in The King's Speech, 2011
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Tom Ford on Film, Fashion, Elegance and Colin Firth's Hairstyle
About having a vision, film and fashion, mid-life crisis for men and women, the autobiographical inspiration for A Single Man, looking perfect on the set and Colin Firth's hair cut on first day of shooting.
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Colin Firth's Loveliest Smile While Talking About Love and Why He Chose To Be An Actor
Answering questions about his views on love and what made him become an actor, after receiving the Outstanding Performance of the Year for his performance in A Single Man (Santa Barbara Film Festival, 2009).
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Colin Firth or Guess Who Looks Best in Spandex? Even Without Dancing :)
Funny Mamma Mia 2 stars/ ‘I can’t sing, I can't dance’ (LOL)
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Colin Firth's Adorable Reaction When He Is Told That He Looks Great
Colin Firth's smile (4.40 - 4.57) is simply the cutest ever, priceless! He is reacting to the idea that he looks so handsome in A Single Man, and is joking about how to get into shape when Tom Ford suggests that. :D The interview was made immediately after his Oscar nomination for George Falconer role, a brilliant and fascinating performance (A Single Man, directed by Tom Ford, with Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult)
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Colin Firth, Taron Egerton/How They See Each Other and How They Work
Two Kingsman gentlemen who really appreciate each other and the way they work. M. Vaughn explaining why he chose Taron Egerton for Eggsy role. French subtitles.
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Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Dominic Cooper Having Fun at Press Conference/Australia
Funny Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, Dominic Cooper joking about their star status, the 'blissful insincerity' on film set, being big ABBA fans and Colin Firth in a suit. Mamma Mia (2008) press conference in Sydney, Australia.
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Colin Firth's Funny Speech, Presenting 'The Imitation Game' and Benedict Cumberbatch
Presenting Benedict Cumberbatch and The Imitation Game at the Golden Globes :)
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Love Actually/Colin Firth, Lucia Moniz, Richard Curtis on Making the Perfect Romantic Comedy
Colin Firth about Lucia Moniz and the Portuguese singer on working with Colin Firth and the great cast. Richard Curtis explains where the idea for Jamie/Aurelia love story came from and why he decided to make the movie.
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Colin Firth on Love, Having Your Heart Broken and Broken Relationships
Colin Firth's thoughts on painful love experiences, lack of communication, emotional traumas and emotional maturity, trying in vain to understand another, broken dreams, on Mark Darcy, Daniel Cleaver and Bridget triangle .
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Colin Firth About His Dancing in 'A Single Man' and the Underwater Scenes in a Tank
Funny, jet lagged C. Firth sharing details on his dancing scene with gorgeous Julianne Moore, how it was to float naked in a fish tank for the underwater scenes, also about the scenes on the beach and his feelings on working with Julianne Moore, Nicholas Hoult, Matthew Goode, Tom Ford. Toronto/TIFF 2009 premiere of A Single Man
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Funny Colin Firth Didn't Think Sequel Could Work Without Hugh Grant! :D
Funny Colin Firth shares his feelings on the 3rd installment of Bridget Jones saga. He needed persuasion to do it but was soon convinced by Renee Zellweger's approval of the screenplay, even if he believed the sequel could not work without the eternal rival, Hugh Grant (Daniel Cleaver). Patrick Dempsey replaced Hugh Grant very easily. :) Bridget Jones's Baby, 2016
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Adorably Funny Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz Interview (Gambit)
The stars of Gambit in an extremely funny interview by Lorraine(November 2012). The comedy was directed by M. Hoffmann, screenplay by Coen Brothers.
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Kingsman Stars Loved Visiting Korea and Colin Firth Learnt Korean WordsToo
Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Taron Egerton making fun and having a great time in South Korea
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Colin Firth on Smoke&Mirrors, Cher and Feeling Overpayed for Having Fun
Colin Firth felt almost overpayed for having so much fun with friends.. :) Mamma Mia Here We Go Again premiere, London, 16 July 2018.
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Colin Firth's Cute Shy Reaction When TIFF Public Wishes Him Happy Birthday
Clips from TIFF 2010 and 2013 (The King's Speech, Arthur Newman).
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Best Darcy/Best Elizabeth/What Makes Them So Appealing and Irresistible  Even Today?
Who is the best Mr. Darcy, who is the best Elizabeth and which is the best adaptation of Pride and Prejudice? The documentary follows the history of adaptations, starting with sir L. Olivier, ending with Keira Knightley as Lizzie and Matthew McFeyden as Darcy, or even a free Bollywood adaptation with Aishwarya Rai (Bride & Prejudice). Andrew Davies (screenwriter for the 1995 adaptation with Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle) talks about the magic of these characters.
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Colin Firth Speaking at International Woolmark Prize, 16 February 2019
International Woolmark Prize, 16 February 2019, London.
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Funny Colin Firth on Commanding, His Family, Royals and Emma Stone/Part 1
Colin Firth opens up about working with Emma Stone and Woody Allen, his family, his new glasses and being a Commander of the British Empire. Full interview with D. Letterman, 17 July 2014, Part 1. Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/AHr0HfnJGTU
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Colin Firth on Mr Darcy, Language, Mark Darcy, Shakespeare and How Much of Him Is in a Character
Part 2. On minimalistic acting, how literature influences an actor's way of speaking and body language, on Shakespeare in Love, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger and her British accent, Italy and Italians, his family, learning Italian and a few Portuguese words. About Mamma Mia, his singing and dancing, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, A Single Man, Tom Ford, his Oscar nominations and his portrayal of King George VI, G. Rush, Helena Bonham-Carter and director Tom Hooper.
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Colin Firth on Playing Fathers a Lot, Making a Family in 2 Days, Loving the Mood of the Film
Colin Firth doesn't like to watch himself on the screen but he loved the atmosphere of the refined, unusual, experimental film A Summer in Genoa/Genova (2008). Dublin Film Festival, February 2009.
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Mr. Darcy's Wet White Shirt/TV Has Never Been The Same Since The Lake Scene :)
Mr. Darcy's lake scene and Colin Firth's wet white shirt set the nation on fire and changed the way TV productions were made.
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Funny Colin Firth Admired Scarlett Johansson's Acting in 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'
Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson were the stars of 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', art film about a forbidden (fictional) love story between Johannes Vermeer, the famous Dutch painter, and his maid. Based on a novel by Tracy Chevalier.
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Colin Firth and Emma Stone on Woody Allen and Each Other
The stars of Magic in the Moonlight share their experience behind the scenes, on working with each other, with Woody Allen, visiting the south of France and making a magical movie
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Colin Firth  on Playing Beloved Mark Darcy Again
Colin Firth reprised his role as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason (2004), being persuaded by Renee Zellweger and the director. He shares how it was to make this beloved character alive again and how it was to work with R. Zellweger again.
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S. Johansson, Colin Firth/Telling a Story, Creating Erotic Tension Without Words
Funny Colin (3:05) LOL :D Scarlett Johansson, Colin Firth, P. Weber on filling silences with emotions, recreating the world of Vermeer with images and not many words, recreating paintings. Colin Firth, Scarlett Johansson knew they loved their roles as soon as they read the script. Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)/press conference
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Colin Firth's Celebratory Dinner in Town :) /''Celebration'' (2007)
One-act, shocking, dark play by British playwright Harold Pinter, full of sarcasm and satire, about three couples dining in the most expensive restaurant in town. TV play with Penelope Wilton, Colin Firth, Michael Gambon, Janie Dee, James Fox (2007).
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Best Mr. Darcy Ever: Colin Firth Believes Darcy Falls For Elizabeth Very Early On
On the set of Pride&Prejudice, Colin Firth, in the costume of Mr Darcy, proves he has studied and understood his character in depth, but is reluctant to give too many details away, because the TV series was still in development. He talks about the complicated relationship with Elizabeth (Jennifer Ehle) and why they are so interested in each other's opinion. Behind the scenes interview on the set, longer version, 1995.
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