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Want A Picture (Favicon) By YOUR URL?
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Have you ever wondered how to get a picture/logo to show up by your URL on the browser?? Well, it's rather simple.... In this video Julie Salgado show you, even if your not familiar with HTML code, how to do it! The Site I used to create my Favicon... http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/
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How To KNOW If Someone Is Hacking YOUR Facebook Account!
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Today I noticed a status update from one of my Facebook friends mentioning that she was alerted to someone trying to get into her account! In this video, I show you how to update your account settings so YOU can be notified when someone is trying to get in yours. And, if you are notified .... go change YOUR password immediately! You should be changing your password every month or two.
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How To Turn Off Facebook Chat
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Facebook has a nifty feature called chat. This allows you to communicate with your friends. But what if you wanted to turn it off? In this video, I show you how easy-peasy it is to turn chat off. To find out more about The Home And Small Business Network, visit: http://www.ExploreHSBN.withjuliesalgado.com
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I WANt stUFF on MY Profile!
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Wondering how to add stuff onn the 'Left" side of your facebook profile?? Julie Salgado shows you how easy-peasy it is! sMiles ((HUGS))
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How To Add An RSS Feed To Your WP Blog
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Adding an RSS Feed to your wordpress blog is easy-peasy. In this video, Julie Salgado shows you how to add the RSS feed to your hosted wordpress blog. The feed service she uses is feedburner.google.com to get a gmail account, go to mail.google.com If you have ever wondered what RSS is, why it even matters at all, and what you should be doing with it... watch Julie's video where she explains it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H4pdD8zAr8
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Voice Mail Box + FREE = Great Resource
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado shows you a great free resource for your voice mail needs.
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Where Is My Facebook Edit Options Box??
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado shows you how to fix your FB Live Feed to 5000 when your 'edit options' box doesn't show!
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How To Get YOUR Picture Next To Your Comments
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Have you been leaving comments on blogs and forums all over the world but YOUR avatar does not show up?? Julie Salgado shows you how quickly you can get your avatar to show next to your comments The site link..... http://www.gravatar.com
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WordPress Tip: How To Redirect A WordPress Page To A URL
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Have you been wondering how you can have a WordPress page redirect to a specified URL?? In this video, Julie Salgado shows you a a Hot Wordpress plugin that allows you to make a WordPress page or post link to a URL of your choosing, instead of its WordPress page or post URL. It also will redirect people who go to the old URL to the new one. And.... it's very easy-peasy to do! This plugin should be in EVERY bloggers tool chest :)
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How To Get Facebook's New Message System
http://www.JulieSalgado.com When I was messaging to one of my friends here on Facebook, I noticed he didn't have the new Facebook messaging system. So, in this video,Julie Salgado explains the new features of the messaging system and show you how to get it. Facebook will be rolling this out, but you just may want to get it now :)
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Record A Video Right On Facebook
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado show you how to easily create a video right here on Facebook using your webcam. Wish people Happy Birthday, Say Hello or whatever! Easy-Peasy! Now... Go Create! Julie Salgado (262) 347-4178 http://www.JulieSalgado.com http://www.WinningNetworker.com GO HERE for FREE training... and add me as a friend! http://www.MyPrivateClassroom.com
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Add A "'Favorites" Box On YOUR Facebook Fan Page
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie shows you how easy it is to add a favorites box on your Facebook Fan page Sign up for the Super Simple Marketing Series http://www.SummerMarketingSeries.com
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How To Use Google Wonder Wheel For Keyword Research
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Google has a very cool tool that can help you tremendously with your keyword research. The Google tool is called "Wonder Wheel" and is simple to use. Not only can you use this tool for your keyword research, it helps you discover the hidden niches in your target market! And, if your having trouble identify topics in your niche to write about..this tool will help you identify the topics within your niche! How cool is that?? :)
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A New Way To ReTweet On Twitter
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado shows you the new beta retweet Twitter has launched.
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Smelly Shin Guard Lesson In Marketing
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Are you wondering why some people can sell anything and others struggle?? In this video, Julie Salgado uses her example of smelly shin guards to illustrate that you don't need to 'sell' a product and/or service if you solve a problem or fill a need. Your customers will naturally buy from YOU! Need Odor Free Shin Guards? Call Michael! Michael Wineteer 618-910-3237 [email protected] http://www.s1sportusa.com
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Joe Schroeder Parable Of The Sower
http://www.JoeSchroederSpeaks.com 262-510-0086 This is a clip of Joe Schroeder talking about the Parable Of The Sower... You don't have to get it Right.. You JUST Have to get it going! People are asking me where to get Joe's Free Package... Just Go Here http://www.TheMillionMindMarch just pick up the shipping costs and it is YOURS! sMiles! Julie 262-510-0086 http://www.JoeSchroederSpeaks.com http://www.MarchWithJulie.com
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Find Web 2.0 Tools and Apps Using Go2Web20.net
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado reveals one of her secrets to finding great sites on the 'net. She shows you Go2Web20.net and how it can benefit you!
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YouTube TIP: How To Tag Keyword Phrases On Video's
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Wondering how you can 'tag' keyword phrases on your videos? It really is easy-peasy. In this video, Julie Salgado shows you exactly how to do just that.
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How To Add The Google +1 Button To Your Website
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Google released the +1 button on June 1st for everyone to embed on their sites. In this video tutorial, Julie Salgado shows you how easy-peasy it is to add the Google +1 button to your own site even tho you have NO technical skills.
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Do You Have The Power Of...... L.I.K.E.???
http://www.JulieSalgado.com With the new changes on Facebook, you WANT to have the POWER of the Facebook Like button on your blog or website. Julie shows you how easy-peasy the Facebook Like button is to add.
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Track Your Traffic With This Free Tool
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Wondering where your traffic to you blog is coming from? Julie Salgado shows you the benefits of using a free tool called Sitemeter to track your traffic to your blogs, websites, and capture pages.
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What Is So Important About RSS Feeds?
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Are you wondering what in the heck is RSS?? If you have ever wondered what RSS is, why it even matters at all, and what you should be doing with it... This video by Julie Salgado explains it all. Then, if you need the 'how-to'... watch her video as she shows you exactly HOW to add the RSS feed on your wordpress blog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcWn-qT_GP4
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An Albino Squirrel Eating My Apples!
http://www.LeadWithJulie.com 262-510-0086 Julie Salgado. There is an albino squirrel living in my yard (and he's eating my apples!) I captured him in action.
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Help! I'm GETting All This STufF On My Facebook Profilel!
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Facebook is constantly changing the privacy settings lately and now all these applications are posting to the walls! How can YOU stop it! Julie Salgado shows you how to change the privacy settings so YOU have what YOU want on your Facebook Profile page. Your Welcome! ((HUGS)) Julie http://www.JulieSalgado.com http://www.WinningNetworker.com
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A Marketing Strategy To Draw Prospects Toward You
http://www.JulieSalgado.com There are two marketing strategies a business can use to draw potential customers and clients to them. The first is a PUSH strategy. The second a PULL strategy. You see companies using these strategies everyday. Julie Salgado explains the benefits of the PULL strategy and the drawbacks of the PUSH strategy.
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Why Not You??
http://www.SaveMeJulie.com Julie 'SalGoogle" Salgado and her colleague Debra ask the question "Why Not You??" You can reach Julie at 262-510-0086 http://www.JulieSalgado.com Some of the people Julie learned from: * Joe Schroeder (Warriors Nest, Project Bigfish) * Diane Hochman (MyPrivateClassroom) * Dani Johnson (Script Book) * Val Smyth (Mentors In Motion) * Kim Klaver (Ms. Stud, Network Marketing Central) * Jerry Clark (Creating Magic) * Tom "Big Al" Schreiter (Fortune Now Newsletter, Vitamark) * Marlon Sanders (The Amazing Formula) * John Reese (Traffic Secrets) * Yanik Silver (Underground Seminar / Instant Salesletters) * Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula) * Mike Filsaime (Butterfly Marketing, Viral friend generator) * Brad Fallon & Andy Jenkins (StomperNet) * Dave Taylor (Blogging) * Anne Sieg (Renegade Marketer) * Gary Halbert (The Gary Halbert Letter) * John Carlton (Operation Money-Suck) * Armand Morin (Big Seminar) * Stephen Pierce (The Google / Nike Test) * Dan Kennedy (Magnetic Marketing) * Rick Raddatz (Marketing Makeover Generator) * Jay Abraham (Protege Series) * Jeff Paul (Underwear Marketing) * Dave Struckman (ProSTEP) * Ty Tribble * Mark Lindsey (FINL) * Dale Calvert (Confessions Audios) * David Ledoux (ILoveMLM) * Michael Dlouhy (Mentoring For Free) * Robert T. Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) * Tim Sales (Brilliant Compensation) * Mark Hughes (Herbalife) * James Scott (Copywriting Extraordinaire) * Perry Marshall (Google Adwords) * Mike Dillard (Magnetic Sponsoring) * Daegan Smith * Tracy Biller(geneology marketing) * Wallace wattles(science of getting rich) * Mark Yarnell (Your First Year In Network Marketing) * John Milton Fogg (The Greatest Networker) * Jim Rohn *George Clason Richest Man In Babylon) *Og Mandino *David Schwartz (Magic of Thinking Big * John Kalench Give Julie a shout at 262-510-0086 Or visit http://www.JulieSalgado.com acn mlm arbonne mlm binary mlm mary kay mlm mlm business opportunities mlm businesses mlm compensation mlm distributor mlm distributors mlm downline mlm fraud mlm legal mlm products mlm prospecting mlm pyramid mlm recruiting mlm sales mlm scam mlm scams mlm scheme mlm watchdog mlm business mlm companies mlm company mlm home based business mlm income mlm lead mlm lead generation mlm leads mlm marketing mlm money mlm network mlm network marketing mlm networking mlm opportunities mlm opportunity mlm success mlm training mlm training video Self Education mlm training course mlm trainer Best MLM Company Multi Level Marketing Network Marketing Business Network Marketing Opportunity List MLM Companies Network Marketing Magazines Network Marketing Lifestyles Top 100 MLM Companies Network Marketing Health and Wellness Network Marketing Companies Reviews Network Marketing Training Network Marketing Leads Direct Marketing MLM Distributor List Define MLM How Does Network Marketing Work Network Marketing Tips Pyramid Marketing Network Marketing Statistics Network Marketing Leaders History of Network Marketing Network Marketing Scheme Fresh Network Marketing Leads Network Marketing Facts Network Marketing Association Network Marketing Ideas Network Marketing Presentation Network Marketing Company Rankings Marketing Multi Level Consultant Comparing MLM Companies Books on Multi Level Marketing The Truth about Network Marketing http://starlink.ning.com/profile/JulieSalgado87
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Social Media Training - The TEMPLE of SUPER-MIND
http://www.MarchWithJulie.com by Julie Salgado. Watch Julie as she opens the BRAND new SUPER-MIND Program. Learn HOW to THINK so you can learn HOW to Market. web2.0, Network, Marketing, MLM, Training, Schroeder, Affiliate, Online, Internet, Gurus
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Simple Postcard Marketing To Build Brand Loyalty
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado shows you how using postcards can be a very effective tool to build brand loyalty.
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MLM Training - Are You Branding You?  Video, Marketing
www.JulieSalgado.com 262 510-0086 Learn the Hidden Code and communication secrets that MLM Legends, Rockstars, and Kings use to build empires! This Is a Master-Mind Community founded by Industry Legend Joe Schroeder.
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Julie Salgado - Founding Member Of The Home And Small Business Network
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado is passionate about helping other home and small business owners to market their businesses on the Internet by helping them master the skills necessary to make them successful.. For tips, tricks and resources, go to http://www.JulieSalgado.com and while your there, get on her 'Insiders" list!
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TubeMogul + FREE X 14+ Sites = LEVERage Baby!
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Got a video and your tired of uploading it here, and here, and here (one at a time) Julie Salgado shows you how to use TubeMogul. a free tool, and have LEVERAge Baby!
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MLM Training - We Are The Million Mind March  , video
www.MarchWithJulie.com MLM training video, MLM coaching, The Million mind march is a mastermind Community of Entrepreneurs and free men and women who REFUSE to live inside the cage that society has laid out for them As kindred spirits and partners in progress we will never sell or share your identity. Our bond is based on TRUST MLM Training, MLM Training Video, MLM Training Course, MLM Script, MLM help, Home business training, home business training video, network marketing, network marketing training video, network marketing training mlm lead mlm lead generation mlm leads mlm marketing mlm money mlm network mlm network marketing mlm networking mlm opportunities mlm opportunity mlm success mlm training mlm training video mlm real estate investing training marketing online website design gent web internet email tools advertising sales home based business home based businesses based business business home opportunity based business home opportunity work best home based business best home based business opportunity best home based businesses business opportunity home based work from christian home based business easy home based business free home based business home based affiliate business home based business com home based business computer home based business idea home based business ideas home based business income home based business lead home based business marketing home based business network home based business network marketing home based business opportunities home based business opportunity home based business opportunity seeker home based business tax home based business work home based catering business home based internet businesses home based internet marketing business home based mlm business opportunity home based small business home based travel business home based web business home internet based business opportunity how to start a home based business how to start home based business income opportunity home based business internet home based business legitimate home based business legitimate home based businesses make money home based business mlm home based business online home based business online home based business opportunity profitable home based businesses real home based business start a home based business start home based business starting a home based business starting home based business successful home based business top home based business top home based businesses work at home based business work at home based business opportunity work from home based business mlm business opportunities, mlm businesses, mlm compensation, mlm distributor, mlm distributors, mlm downline, mlm fraud, mlm legal, mlm products, mlm prospecting, mlm pyramid, mlm recruiting, mlm sales, mlm scam, mlm scams, mlm scheme, mlm watchdog, mlm business, mlm companies, mlm company, mlm home based business, mlm income, mlm lead, mlm lead generation, mlm leads, mlm marketing, mlm money, mlm network, mlm network marketing, mlm networking, mlm opportunities, mlm opportunity, mlm success, Top Network Marketing Companies, Best MLM Company, Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing Business, Network Marketing Opportunity, List MLM Companies, Network Marketing Magazines Network Marketing Lifestyles Top 100 MLM Companies Network Marketing Health and Wellness Network Marketing Companies Reviews Network Marketing Training Network Marketing Leads Direct Marketing
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What YOU Need To Know About The New Facebook Pages Layout
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Facedbook just launched the new layout for Facebook pages. In this video, Julie Salgado covers some of the most important changes to your facebook pages and how it helps you with your marketing.
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How to Create A FriendFeed Account
http://www.JulieSalgado.com http://www.LeadWithJulie.com http://www.MarchWithJulie.com 262-510-0086 Julie Salgado shows you how to create and setup an account on FriendFeed. You can add friends, create lists and see feeds via realtime. FriendFeed shows you the web pages, videos, photos, and music your friends are sharing from around the web. FriendFeed automatically picks up the stuff you share on over 40 web sites, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, StumbleUpon, Tumbler and Flickr.
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Slow + Steady = NO Ditch!
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado explains what can you learn from a snow storm that helps your business??? Do You want to go FAST or slow??? 262-347-4178
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The New Facebook Training Video
http://www.JulieSalgado.com 262-510-0086 Julie Salgado goes over all the new features in Facebook. She is a Home business coach and trainer. http://www.JulieSalgado.com Robert Kiyosaki, Denis Waitley, Robert Allen, David LeDoux, Mike Dillard, Tim Sales, Randy Gage, Jim Rohn, Ron LeGrand, Ben Fitts, John Murphy, Pappy Rick, Glenn Garnes, Tony Rush, kim klaver, dani johnson, michael oliver, Doug Firebaugh, Art Jonak, big al, tom schreiter, john milton fogg, Todd Falcome, Mike Lemire, Michael Dlouhy, Carlos Aponte, dale calvert, mike Potillo, sandy elsberg, don faila, jackie ulmer, paul birdsall, richard brooke, Michael S. Clouse, Sue Seward, Michael Losier, David Cameron Gikandi, Wendy Weiss, Len Clements, Mary K Weinhagen, Teresa Romain
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Twitter Sheep - What Interests Your Followers??
http://www.JulieSalgado.com No, this video is not about counting sheep to get to sleep! sMiles.... But.. Have you ever wondered what interests your followers? In this video, Julie Salgado explains how you can use 'Twitter Sheep' to determine the interests of your flock (twitter followers) increasing the chance your tweets will be noticed.
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What Keys Have YOU Unlocked??
http://www.JulieSalgado.com All of us have keys to unlock that make EACH one of us unique. Just step out of your comfort zone and DO IT! Who knows, you just may help someone.
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How Do I Add Windows Movie Maker On Windows 7??
http://www.JulieSalgado.com The new Windows 7 does not include the Windows Movie Maker program. Julie Salgado shows you how to add it.
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It's A Party! And... Your Invited :)
http://www.LeadWithJulie.com 262-510-0086 [email protected] We are Celebrating 2000+ Members At MPC and Your Invited! Diane Hochman, Julie Salgado and the MPC leadership as we give our TOP 10 Marketing tips to set you up for a strong end of 2008 and an off the hook 2009. Register at: http://www.WebinarsGoneWild.com If you not a member yet...... join here: http://www.myprivateclassroom.com and... I'll see ya in the classroom! (wink) Social media: Participatory online media where news, photos, videos, and podcasts are made public via social media websites through submission. Normally accompanied with a voting process to make media items become "popular".[citation needed] Social Media Expanded Definition: Social Media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into content publishers. It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism to a many-to-many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers. Social media uses the ?wisdom of crowds? to connect information in a collaborative manner. Social media can take many different forms, including Internet forums, message boards, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video. Technologies such as blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, group creation and voice over IP, to name a few. Examples of social media applications are Google (reference, social networking), Wikipedia (reference), MySpace (social networking), Facebook(social networking), Last.fm (personal music), YouTube (social networking and video sharing), Second Life (virtual reality), and Flickr (photo sharing). Questions? Call Julie Salgado 262-510-0086
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How To Find WP Themes And Install Them Into WordPress
http://www.JulieSalgado.com There are thousands of free wordpress themes available on the internet. In this video, Julie Salgado shows you how to find them. And once you do, how to install them into your wordpress blog. This video is the 4th in Julie's series 'How To Create A WordPress Blog'.
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A Great WordPress Resource
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado shares a wonderful wordpress resource where you can find 'how-to' videos,
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Are You Sharing On Facebook??
http://www.JulieSalgado.com You see a great video, picture or link in your NewsFeed... how do you 'Share" it with everyone??? Julie Salgado shows you how to use the 'Share" button on Facebook.
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Adding FriendFeed To Your Facebook Profile
http://www.JulieSalgado.com http://www.LeadWithJulie.com 262-510-0086 Julie shows you how to add the FriendFeed application to your Facebook Profile. For information on Julie's trainings and webinars, send an email to: [email protected]
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Create Easy-Peasy ScreenCasts using Screenr.com
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado shows you how to create easy-peasy screen capture videos using Screenr.com. Screenr allows you to instantly 'tweet' your video, upload to youtube or even download to your computer for editing. This video was created using Screenr!! Your welcome! Julie 262-510-0086 [email protected] http://www.JulieSalgado.com/
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Sharing MY SalGoogle Secrets!
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Not Enough Leads For Your Talk Fusion Business??
http://www.LeadWithJulie.com http://www.JulieSalgado.com http://www.MarchWithJulie.com 262-510-0086 skype: juliesalgado My Private Classroom is a FREE training portal for home business owners . We specialize in low cost and no cost marketing.
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How To Share Your Screen Using Skype
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Do you need a simple and easy way to share your screen? Maybe your helping out a colleague or team member... showing someone how to do something... or maybe just trying to help solve a problem. Skype has a nifty feature called 'Share Your Screen' that allows you to share your screen with anyone that is in your contact list. All without trying to talk on the phone AND navigating your computer!
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Using Google Alerts
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Julie Salgado shows you the power of Google Alerts - a free online tool that will search the internet for any topic you choose then emails the results back to you!
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Tool + Time Saver = Ping.Fm
http://www.JulieSalgado.com Ping.fm is a great tool to use for updating the social sites your on. And did I tell ya it is a time saver too? [email protected]
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