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Asana: How to Save and Use Task & Project Templates in Asana
Here is the simple, user-friendly way to save, maintain and use limitless templates within the Asana project management system without creating clutter. Asana does not provide built-in project templates, and is even sorely lacking in the ability to natively copy and paste groups of tasks without losing all of the details. This is the solution to both of those Asana system challenges.
Google Analytics: How to Verify Google Analytics Tracking Code is Working on Your Website
How to check that your Google or Universal Analytics is tracking website visitors correctly on your website. Verification uses 2 methods.
SEO: Why and How to Add Anchor Text Links to Blog Posts for SEO
1. Why add anchor text links in blog posts for SEO. 2. How to add anchor text links in blog posts within WordPress CMS. Anchor Text Link Optimization Info Where do you put Anchor Text? - Include in all of your new blog posts- include 1 or 2 (fresh new content) - Put somewhat early on in the blog post when possible/appropriate/relevant. Avoid them at the bottom What is Anchor Text? - Links in your blog post that will be a hyperlink to another page on your website - Send the right signals to Google of what the pages are about to boost Google search results How to put them in your blog? - While in edit page of blog post, look for the best keywords that relate to other pages on your site - Highlight the desired text while in wordpress - Click on "insert edit link" - Click "link to existing content" (that way if you ever change the page URL, wordpress will automatically update the link if this method is used) - Search box- search for correct link - Click on the correct one - Click on "add link" - It will now be a hyperlink - Click on "preview changes" to make sure it works correctly - Next click "edit link" and modify the title (which shows in a pop-up when the link is hovered over) to give readers an idea where they are going and includes keywords that could be used in a search for optimization - Click on "preview changes" again to verify all is correct
Google Search Console: How to Share Access to Your Google Webmaster Tools Account
Start at this URL: https://www.google.com/webmasters/. Sign in. Go to settings box in top right corner, select Add or Remove Users. Select red button on the right side called "Add New User". Type the new user's email address. Click ok. Done.
Google Analytics: How to Use Google Analytics to Track Campaigns by Building UTM Code URLs
Tracking Promotional Campaigns in Google Analytics with UTM codes attached to the end of your URLs. 1. How it works! 2. How to build and use custom URLs 3. How to see the traffic in Google Analytics.
SEO - Technical & WordPress: What are 404 Errors and How to Fix them on Your WordPress Website
Has your SEO told you there are a bunch of errors called "404 errors" on your website that you need to fix? Here's an overview of what the heck a 404 error is, why you should care for SEO, and how to fix them using a WordPress website. Also, understand how to keep track of errors for free.
YouTube: How to Stop Related YouTube Video Recommendations Appearing On Your Website
How to stop YouTube from automatically pulling in other video recommendations after your embedded video finishes playing. Instructions both for how to fix videos you have already embedded, and how to pull the correct embed code for all future video embeds from YouTube to make sure related videos do not pull in.
Asana: How to View Tasks by Tag and Save Search for Easy Future Access
In the Asana project management system, this video shows you how to view a list of your tasks across all teams sorted by tag. You will also see 2 different ways to save that list and easily access it again anytime with 1 click.
Google Apps: How to Create an Email Alias With Google Apps
An email alias is an email address at your website domain that can both send and receive email through your existing Google Apps (Gmail) account user. Unlike creating a new user email address, Google Apps does not charge for aliases. Each user may have up to 30 aliases. You must be a Google Apps administrator to create an alias.
Asana: How to Create a Clutter Free My Task List in Asana
Use Asana's Advanced Search options and favorites to create the perfect My Task list for daily use.
RavenTools: How to Make Awesome Keyword Ranking SEO Reports in RavenTools
How to apply filters, tags, and categories to keyword ranking reports using RavenTools reporting platform to make customized, categorized SEO reports that pull straight from Google Webmaster Tools data.
Google Calendar: Turn off side by side view in new Google Calendar
The new Google Calendar by default turns on a side by side appearance in "day view" where your multiple calendars are side by side instead of overlaying. Here is how to turn your calendar day view back to overlaying all calendars like you are accustomed to with old Google Calendar.
SEO: Where to Put Keywords on a Blog Post or Page for SEO
Exactly where to put target keywords on a blog post or page for maximum on-site SEO value. Includes a list of exactly where keyword density matters and walks through an example of an optimized post.
LinkedIn: How to Connect Your Profile to Your Company Page
Shows you how to edit or add a new experience section to your LinkedIn profile that connects you to your company's LinkedIn company page.
Facebook: How to Hide or Delete an Inappropriate Facebook Comment
Shows how to get rid of a Facebook comment on a page or profile you own. If the comment is on a post published by your business page, you must be logged in to an account that has permission to act as that FB business page in order to hide or delete.
KickStarter: How Kickstarter Works & How to Back a Project
Curious about Kickstarter? Here's how it works and how to back a project you love!
OutBrain: How Outbrain Works, and How To Use
Upload and manage content: 1:05 See how content is performing: 3:41 How to choose CPC: 4:44 A rundown of how Outbrain works and how to navigate the interface.
SEO: How to Cross Post a Blog Post to Tumblr
How to post existing content on your blog on to your Tumblr blog by cross-posting. This method will give credit back to the original blog source, so will not cause duplicate content SEO issues!
SEO: Get Bing to See Your New Blog Post or Page Instantly FREE
Submit your new blog posts, pages, and URLs to Bing when launching new content through Bing Webmaster Tools to make sure Bing indexes your new content faster. Also see our video on Google Webmaster Tools getting content indexed!
Divi: How to change out Divi logo and favicon
Using the Divi theme by WordPress, learn how to change the logo and the favicon.
SEO: Page Title & Meta Description SERP Preview & Counter
Exciting updates to Lawton Digital Marketing's meta data counter and preview tool, including an upgrade to pixel-based counting as well as a mobile-friendly SERP preview tool.
Buffer Tutorial: How to Use Buffer
This is a quick overview of the most useful features we've found from Buffer, the social media tool. See how you can use the tool to make your life easier.
Google Analytics: how to add email addresses to google analytics dashboard recurring report emails
How to add an email address to your Google/Universal Analytics Dashboard recurring reports. If you receive emails from Google (now called Universal) Analytics and want to add an email address to the recipients receiving the recurring automated email, this walks you through it step by step. It is not a very user-friendly process at all! Fair warning!
Google Analytics: How to share your Google Analytics Account
How to share your Google or Universal Analytics account with a partner, vendor, or colleague.
Buffer: How to share content to social media through buffer from iphone
Here is how to share content to social media from your iphone using Buffer. Great for managing your social media content on the go. Before starting this video, go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/buffer-scheduling-for-twitter-instagram-more/id490474324?mt=8, and install the app. Then create an account or login. Then watch this video to walk you through the rest.
Facebook: How to create an event in Facebook
Here is how to create and setup/configure an event in Facebook.
Relative URLs - What is a relative URL, difference between absolute & why to use relative URLs
- What is a relative URL? - What is the difference between relative and absolute URLS? - Where to see relative URLs. - Why is it important to use relative URLs?
SEO & Social Media (news): Twitter Added to Google Search Results
Twitter and Google work together to integrate relevant Tweets in real-time to Google search results. Why this benefits both Google and Twitter and why it is an opportunity for online advertisers to use Twitter for keyword-based social media ads. Read the blog post: https://www.lawton-digital.com/blog/social-media/twitter-added-to-google-search-results/
LinkedIn: How To Upload a Video to a LinkedIn Pulse Post/Blog
Here's a quick guide on how to upload a video to a LinkedIn post (LInkedIn's blogging platform). LinkedIn makes it super easy and you can even upload tweets, slideshows, and other media.
Cara Shares Her Story - Living Independently with Paddy!
Paddy helps Cara, Alice and Jim Brouhard's daughter, live independently throughout the day, everyday. Paddy is an iPad with an app that helps Cara live on her own despite challenging permanent brain damage.
Linkedin: Change LinkedIn background cover photo
How to change the image that appears in the background of your LinkedIn profile.
Brand Loyalty in a Digital Age
Why and how companies need to establish and maintain brand loyal customers using online communication channels. View the Slides Here: http://www.slideshare.net/WideSmiler/why-how-to-establish-maintain-brand-loyalty-in-a-digital-age
Asana: Quick Add Task
Tab + Q Keyboard Shortcut Asana's Quick Add feature saves you when you are working within one project and need to create a task unrelated to where you're working. Rather than having to get distracted by navigating away from your current list, Asana allows you to quickly add a task to any project, assign it to anyone, and add details without leaving your workflow.
SEO: Get Google to See Your New Blog Post or Page Instantly FREE
Submit your new blog posts, pages, and URLs to Google when launching new content through Google Webmaster Tools. This insures Google indexes your new content faster, and you get more views sooner
Gmail: Moving Gmail Category Tab Emails to Your Inbox
How to teach Gmail to correctly categorize your new email tabs. Includes how to move indidivudual emails to your inbox from a category and vice-versa.
SEO: Does Google Know Your New Website Post or Page Exists? Find out instantly FREE
How to use Google to quickly and easily see if a certain page, post or file of your website is indexed. Can also check indexation of whitepapers and images. Finally, it will tell you what date your page was first recognized.
WordPress & YouTube: How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress Blog Post
Simple step by step instructions by example for how to embed a YouTube video in a WordPress website blog post. Thank you to Casey Demchak for allowing us to use his video and blog as our example! Here are the step by step instructions referenced in the video: 1. Open the video page in YouTube. 2. Select "share" then “embed”. 3. You may choose to change your video size, but for the purposes of embedding blog posts in your current blog, the default 640x360 works fine. 4. Ensure that the “show suggested videos when the video finishes” is NOT checked. 5. Copy the “gobbledygook”, aka embed code. 6. On the WordPress blog post, switch to the text editor by hitting the “text” tab. 7. Place your cursor in the blog post in the spot where you want your video. 8. Paste the copied embed code in to the blog post. 9. Preview! 10. Congrats, you’re done!!
Welcome to Lawton Digital Marketing
Welcome to Lawton Digital Marketing, the online marketing company specializing in small business inbound marketing solutions. Learn more at https://www.lawton.digital.
Google Analytics & WordPress: How to Make a New Google Analytics Account and Install On WordPress
Set up a new Google Analytics tracking code account and install it on your WordPress website. There are lots of ways to do it, here is one good, simple way that starts with showing you how to create the Google/Universal Analytics Account.
Amanda Boxtel Walks! Right Before Our Eyes
An inspiring sight to start our conference, Amanda Boxtel, paraplegic of 30 years, stands up and walks right in front of me and our guests! Thank you Amanda, for starting our conference with inspiration and hope.
Why to Use Search Marketing & Social Media to Bring in Small Business Leads
Learn more at https://www.lawton.digital/digital-marketing/
SEO - Technical: How to Set up XML Sitemaps in WordPress Website for Small Business
How to set up XML sitemaps in WordPress websites using the Yoast SEO plugin (free), including walking through the Yoast configuration settings tabs.
Buffer: how to post to social media through Buffer
When on your computer, how to create a new social media post using Buffer.
Adam Lives Independently Despite Paralysis with a Smarthome
With the help of Habitat for Humanity, Adam can do things the rest of us take for granted once again in his own home. For the first time since his accident, he can now play music, access his digital files, turn on and off light switches, and close and open his blinds.
How Alice Brouhard Set up Her Daughter For Successful Independent Living with Brain Damage
Can you live independently with brain damage? YES, accordin to Alice Brouhard, and she shows us how she and her family pulled it off with their daughter. Cara's paddy, or iPad, enables Cara to live independently, overcoming limitations of permanent brain damage.
MailChimp: How to Share Your Email Blasts to Social Media
Share your MailChimp email marketing blasts to a larger audience by broadcasting it from your inbox to all of your social media followers!
Google Drive: How to Create & Share a new Google Doc
Walk through Google Drive's sharing settings. How to create a new Google Drive document and share it with specific people or the public.