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Esperanza - Bass Sky
Hi, This is the good quality audio of my own HOPE song but a bad quality video so i apologize to everyone for the poor quality video just enjoy the song and relax soundcloud.com/bass-sky twitter.com/basssky1
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Dream   Bass Sky  CORRECTED
This song its from my other video song dream I just corrected the song specially at the end those drums were ruining my song thanks for your support :)
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Dream - Bass Sky
Hi, I made this song by myself with FL STUDIO using secret plugins I hope you enjoy the music, subscribe for new songs and videos I wanted to record my screen with my project but the lag its really bad so it wont let me record the audio properly By the way my name is Andrew from Canada and I call myself Bass Sky since 2005 Im dj producer, song writer, singer , etc etc Also visit my other songs videos link here below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF-VHHpSDAs this is a bella ciao remix i made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi7ql5gCbvE I producer and sing this song along its Called Far Away follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/basssky1 and listen to my songs and comment in soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/bass-sky to contact to me weather to collab or something write me at [email protected] Each week I keep uploading new songs or video tutorials soon of how i make my music and gig dj video of myself
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Far Away - Bass Sky
Hi, Im Bass Sky my name is Andrew and im dj producer singer and song writer I apologize for the bad quality video but just dance and enjoy the song :) This is a very special song where I sing myself my own version and I produced the beat myself with fl studio, hope you like it, please share it and dance along follow me on twitter and soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/bass-sky Hola a todos Bienvenidos a mi canal disculpen el video de mala calidad pero fue lo que encontre suscribanse a mi canal de youtube :) If you want to collab : [email protected] twitter.com/BassSky1
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ESPERANZA - BASS SKY original mix
Hi everybody new song uploaded made with fl studio made by me enjoy hope you like it leave comments, share and SUBSCRIBE follow me on twitterr www.twitter.com/basssky1 and follow me in soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/bass-sky Thanks y'all for your support
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Halloween Song
SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL IS FOR FREE this song is called ghost original mix by BASS SKY enjoy this song i made it in fl studio i hope you all like it watch the video until the END Just enjoy for your halloween party or whatever SHARE VIDEO and thumbs up and comment www.twitter.com/basssky1 www.soundcloud.com/bass-sky www.youtube.com/basssky
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La Casa de Papel Theme Song Remix
BASS SKY Hi everybody My name is Bass Sky DJ im DJ producer, singer and song writer, listen to bella ciao remix my version I hope you enjoy this video and HIT subscribe buttom and activate the bell notification Hola a todos Soy DJ bass sky , soy dj productor cantante compositor, y quiero mostrarles mi remix de bella ciao de FL STUDIO, suscribanse a mi canal para mas contenido semanal y activen la campanita de notificacion I do not own the rights of the vocals I am just using a small part of the original vocals from Netflix show series to make my own remix version like many other people in youtube does, the middle part of the melodies of this song are 100 % mine invented from my head follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/BassSky1 contact me for any future collabs : [email protected] follow me on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bass-sky
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Hi, Im making a new song is not ready yet but i know you will like it stay tune and SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more songs and beautiful videos comment! follow me on twitter and soundcloud www.twitter.com/basssky1 www.soundcloud.com/bass-sky here is my mail if you wanna ask me anything [email protected]
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Hi, this is my first electro swing i made myself with FL STUDIO I hope you like it fully with sytrus is old style that probably our grand parents know about and used to dance with around 1920 or 1930 not so sure. The song is not fully remastered yet but anyway I upload what i have done so far. if you want mp3 just ask me i will send it to u no problem subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on twitter and soundcloud www.twitter.com/basssky www.soundcloud.com/bass-sky my mail is [email protected] hablo espanol en caso de que se pregunten
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FL STUDIO new song coming soon
Making a hit song once again hope you all like it. Tell me what do you think 🤔 and I will correct it inmediately Thanks everybody for your support
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Fuck You - Bass Sky (original mix)
Hi you all I made this song long time ago like 7 years ago with fl studio when i started to be a producer so basically this song its my first one, hope you like it anyway I apologize for the bad quality audio and video but I hope you still enjoy SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL and follow me in my social media www.twitter.com/basssky1 www.soundcloud.com/bass-sky
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