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Instant WordPress Publishing from InDesign and in5
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro WP Plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ajar-productions-in5-embed/ in5 lets you publish HTML from InDesign. The WordPress plugin in this you upload your design directly to your WordPress site.
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How to Publish a Digital Magazine from InDesign: 3 - Digital Flipbook with Spreads
Export a Flipbook video from series on Creating a Digital Magazine from InDesign. This video shows you how a single option from the in5 export dialog can turn your InDesign magazine into a digital flip book. The flip book is automatically responsive and switches between a one-page and two-page spread depending on the size of the browser window/mobile device screen size. Full article available at http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3143
Views: 13179 Ajar Productions
How to Publish a Digital Magazine from InDesign: 2 - Exporting Digital Spreads
Exporting Spreads video from series on Creating a Digital Magazine from InDesign. This video show you how to merge InDesign spreads into pages using a free script that is installed with in5 and how to export your two-page spreads to the Slider page format. Full article available at http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3143
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Preview: Place HTML into InDesign for ePub
Get updates: http://ajar.pro/subscribe As seen at PePcon: http://pepcon.com The DPS Folio Overlays panel lets you create interactivity in InDesign, but that interactivity cannot be exported to InDesign's native export formats. This video shows a sneak peek at a new tool that will let you import interactivity into InDesign that can export to InDesign's native export formats like ePub (Fixed-layout and Reflowable).
Views: 5996 Ajar Productions
Brilliantly Animated Annual Report Published Online with InDesign & in5
This document was designed with Adobe InDesign & exported with in5. It has clever animations that make the pages come alive. More info about in5: http://in5.ajar.pro
Views: 1522 Ajar Productions
Beautiful Custom Form Elements from InDesign - in5 v3.3 Sneak Peek
New features to help you build e-learning projects with InDesign. in5 v.3.3 supports custom radio buttons and checkboxes, as well the submit form, clear form, and print form actions that you assign in your InDesign layout (without coding!). You can even improve the user experience (UX) by triggering specific responses based on the user selection. The code the in5 writes still includes valid HTML input elements. Learn more about in5 at http://in5.ajar.pro
Views: 1485 Ajar Productions
Your interactive PDF is broken—here's a solution that supports animation, video & interactivity
Full article: http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3210 Interactive PDF relies heavily on the Flash Player, which is no longer bundled with Adobe Reader/Acrobat. Not to mention that most smartphones and tablets don't support Flash, and Adobe has announced Flash's end of life for 2020. Moreover, several interactive capabilities from InDesign—animation and multi-state objects—have never been supported by PDF, so you won't see them working when you export. This video tutorial will show you how you can use HTML export options to create interactive documents and ebooks that support animation, embedded videos, animated GIFs, and Object States—as well as how to create cool page transitions like flip books with turning pages. Digital Publishing Technology Guide: http://ajar.pro/techguide in5 (InDesign to HTML5): http://in5.ajar.pro
Views: 7468 Ajar Productions
in5: Creating a Toggle to Show/Hide Items
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro This video shows how to create a toggle button in InDesign and export to the web (or an app) using in5. The toggle button can hide or show items, depending on whether those items are already visible.
Views: 11649 Ajar Productions
Luna9's UK Energy Landscape - An Interactive Infographic Created with InDesign & in5
A beautifully illustrated interactive, informational document to explore online. More info on in5: http://in5.ajar.pro More from Luna9: http://luna9design.com
Views: 978 Ajar Productions
Awesome Kiosk App Built with InDesign & in5
This rich, interactive experience was created by Dave Hickey using Adobe InDesign and in5. Dave used KioskPro to turn an iPad into part of a physical display. Full write-up: http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3288
Views: 1168 Ajar Productions
Getting Started with in5 Baker Framework Apps
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro This tutorial walks you through the basics of creating and testing a standalone iPad (or iPhone) app using InDesign, in5, and the Baker Framework.
Views: 8626 Ajar Productions
in5 in 2 minutes
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro This video provides a quick overview of in5, which exports interactive HTML5 from Adobe InDesign. Music Water in the Creek (Instrumental Version) by Josh Woodward http://www.joshwoodward.com
Views: 7750 Ajar Productions
Creating an HTML5 Interactive Prototype with InDesign and in5
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro This video shows you how to add interactivity with InDesign (without using code) and export it to HTML5 using in5.
Views: 18228 Ajar Productions
Marinus Scrolling Website Created with InDesign & in5
This single page website was designed from scratch in Adobe InDesign & exported HTML with in5. More info: http://in5.ajar.pro
Views: 1005 Ajar Productions
Up and Running with in5 (InDesign to HTML5) in Minutes!
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro Get in5 installed in minutes so that you can start producing interactive content with Adobe InDesign.
Views: 1391 Ajar Productions
Sites & Apps from Designers using in5 (InDesign to HTML5)
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro This video highlights several interactive designs for desktop and mobile that were created by digital designers, graphic designers, art directors, and publishers.
Views: 2466 Ajar Productions
How to Create Scrolling Chapters for the Baker Framework Using InDesign and in5
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro This video shows you how to create scrolling chapters for the Baker Framework using InDesign and in5.
Views: 3173 Ajar Productions
HTML5 Google Ads from Adobe InDesign - in5 v3.3 Sneak Peek
Animated, interactive ads without coding. in5 exports Google Ads-ready packages. More info about in5: http://in5.ajar.pro How to apply for HTML5 ad access within Google Ads: https://support.google.com/google-ads/contact/html_5_access How to insert HTML5 into Google Ads: https://support.google.com/adwords/editor/answer/6365902 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BK71z9EbT8
Views: 962 Ajar Productions
Easily add branding to your digital magazine - in5 3.3 sneak peek
With a few clicks, you can personalize the control frame of your digital magazine. Add a company logo and branded color. This version also improves the smart phone display so that you can maximize screen real estate: More info: http://in5.ajar.pro
Views: 905 Ajar Productions
Scaleable HTML5 Layouts from InDesign (in5 v3.1 Sneak Peek)
A single option in the export dialog to create a scaleable design. in5 home: http://in5.ajar.pro This feature will be available starting in version 3.1 of in5.
Views: 693 Ajar Productions
How to Publish a Digital Magazine from InDesign: 5 - Adding Zoom & Fullscreen Options
Adding Zoom & Fullscreen video from series on Creating a Digital Magazine from InDesign. This video also shows how increase image quality to high definition and automatically compress and optimize the images after export. Full article available at http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3143
Views: 2081 Ajar Productions
Gouarte's Auto-running Tradeshow Presentation Created with InDesign & in5
This awesome tradeshow display was created with InDesign & in5 (InDesign to HTML5). Full write-up: http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3341
Views: 391 Ajar Productions
How to Publish a Digital Magazine from InDesign: 8 - Publishing to the Web
Publishing to the Web video from series on Creating a Digital Magazine from InDesign. Sharing your digital magazine with the world is an easy as copying your in5 files exported from InDesign to your web server. Full article available at http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3143
Views: 1898 Ajar Productions
Creating Your First Interactive Document with InDesign & in5 (from Ajar Academy)
This video course from Laurie Ruhlin will help you get up & running with InDesign interactive documents. Full course available at http://academy.ajar.pro Whether you're creating a digital magazine, an interactive brochure, or content for your website—this course can help you build a better experience for your readers— with interactivity far beyond an interactive PDF (or Publish Online). Example files will help you recreate the interactivity in the lessons. This is a designer-friendly course with absolutely no coding. In this course, you'll learn about • Custom Navigation • Animations right from InDesign • Object States (MSOs) and Buttons • Interactive Slideshows • Embedded Maps • Working with Video in InDesign • 3D Flip Cards • Scrolling Frames • Publishing to your own website If you're new to in5, or want to go deeper with InDesign interactivity, this course is for you.
Views: 363 Ajar Productions
Automagically Slicing for Push Transitions — Creating Awesome Presentations with InDesign & in5
This video shows the magic button that can slice up your images across multiples slides (InDesign pages) and create the push transitions that look like a parallax effect. Full article: https://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3258
Views: 414 Ajar Productions
3D Interactive Flip Card From InDesign to HTML (in5 3.1 Sneak Peek)
Easily create a 3D flip card animation from InDesign using in5 v3.1. Subscribe to be notified when 3.1 is available: http://ajarproductions.com/subscribe More info: http://in5.ajar.pro
Views: 1048 Ajar Productions
Visual Thinker Digital Magazine made with InDesign & in5
Shows digital edition of Visual Thinker Magazine by Matthew Goodman. More about in5: http://in5.ajar.pro
Views: 1347 Ajar Productions
in5 v3 Sneak Peek: Live Tables & Columns
in5 main page: http://in5.ajar.pro This video shows some of the new HTML export features in v3 of in5.
Views: 980 Ajar Productions
Interactive White Paper for Lincoln Financial Created with in5
Designers Jake Hoisington & Brenda Fletcher created this slick interactive white paper for Lincoln Financial using in5 (InDesign to HTML5). More info on in5: http://in5.ajar.pro
Views: 1678 Ajar Productions
in5: Intro to Liquid Layout
Info: http://in5.ajar.pro Version 1.2 of in5 adds support for Liquid Layouts, allowing you to control how your designs scale on any device. This video walks through some of the basics of this functionality
Views: 9106 Ajar Productions
Interactive Video Controls from InDesign to HTML5 - in5 v3.3 Sneak Peek
in5 now gives you complete control over videos, without coding. Even the ability to trigger an action at the end of your video. More info about in5: http://in5.ajar.pro Details on captions/subtitles: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebVTT_API
Views: 932 Ajar Productions
Using Google Fonts with in5 (InDesign to HTML5)
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro This video shows you how to use Google Fonts with in5 to export HTML5 pages from Adobe InDesign, so that you can have beautiful fonts on any device.
Views: 4796 Ajar Productions
CacheMan: Application Cache Utility for HTML5 websites & Web Apps
More info: http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=1667 CacheMan provices a quick and easy Application Cache Manifest generator for HTML5 websites and Web Apps using local files.
Views: 697 Ajar Productions
HTML & Flash: Explained Part 1
This video provides a primer on understanding HTML5 and Flash.
Views: 650 Ajar Productions
Scaling a Single Design to Multiple Devices - in5 Viewport Zoom Setting Explained
More info: http://in5.ajar.pro The Viewport Zoom Setting can be used to control how your design scales automatically on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). This video provides a tour of versatile Viewport Zoom options and shows the results displayed on the screens of multiple devices.
Views: 4531 Ajar Productions
Building the Slides — Creating Awesome Presentations InDesign & in5
This video shows the Adobe InDesign document that was used to create the HTML presentation in the previous video. It shows all the options in the Presentation Mode panel (full screen, navigation, save to home on iOS, build builds and animation, etc). Full article: https://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3258
Views: 958 Ajar Productions
How to Publish a Digital Magazine from InDesign: 1 - Exporting a Digital Layout
Initial export video from series on Creating a Digital Magazine from InDesign. You can see how easy it is to export a digital magazine from InDesign using in5 (InDesign to HTML5). In later videos, you see how to customize the look and feel of your digital magazine. Full article available at http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3143
Views: 7536 Ajar Productions
FunLab iPad Apps Created with InDesign, in5 (InDesign to HTML5), and the Baker Framework
Animal Sounds kid's apps created by Matthew Goodman using in5. More info on in5: http://in5.ajar.pro Subscribe to see more cool examples created with in5. Check out all 4 iPad apps and the iPhone app in the Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/fun-lab FunLab LLC: http://funlabkids.com
Views: 777 Ajar Productions
Using Frame Labels with SmartMouth
SmartMouth is a Flash extension that automatically analyzes audio layers and lip syncs your mouth shapes. Find out more at http://smartmouth.ajarproductions.com General lipsyncing tutorials: http://ajarproductions.com/blog/2012/06/20/lipsyncing-resources/
Views: 565 Ajar Productions
InDesign to HTML5 Prerelease Preview (Build #4)
This video shows some the features we've already built in the InDesign to HTML5 exporter. Update (12/12/12): in5 (InDesign to HTML5) is now available at http://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/
Views: 5365 Ajar Productions
Waubonsee Interactive Class Schedule - shown by Laurie Ruhlin, in5 Certfiied Professional
Demo of an interactive document created with Adobe InDesign & exported with in5. Laurie helped in the complete of this project. You can learn more about working with Laurie via the in5 Certified Professionals page: http://certified.ajar.pro
Views: 102 Ajar Productions
Adding Interactivity with Overlays with Keith Gilbert — in5 course
Full lesson: http://ajarproductions.com/in5course/?lesson=overlays Keith demonstrates all the interactive elements that he's created for the lesson using the Overlays panel along with in5 (InDesign to HTML5).
Views: 2234 Ajar Productions
Automatic Image Optimization from InDesign to HTML5: in5 v3.1 Sneak Peek
Shrink exported images with the check of a box. More on in5: http://in5.ajar.pro This feature will be available to subscribers of the Pro plan or higher. It compresses and optimizes images after export to save space in your website, digital document, or mobile app.
Views: 274 Ajar Productions
How to Install or Update SmartMouth
This video demonstrates how to install or update SmartMouth, the Flash extension that automatically lip syncs your mouth shapes. More info at http://smartmouth.ajarproductions.com
Views: 933 Ajar Productions
Script HTML5 Export from InDesign using the in5 API
More info: http://bit.ly/in5-api The in5 API lets you use ExtendScript to automate and batch the output of your InDesign documents to HTML5.
Views: 1572 Ajar Productions
How to Publish a Digital Magazine from InDesign: 6 - Add Reader Progress Display
Reader Progress video from series on Creating a Digital Magazine from InDesign. Shows how to easily add a progress bar that shows the reader how far they are in your digital magazine. Also shows how to add numerical progress (current page out of total pages). Full article available at http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3143
Views: 740 Ajar Productions
Push Transitions & More — Creating Awesome Presentations with InDesign & in5
This video shows how you can control the transition for every slide in your presentation (both the in and out transition effects). Options include Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Fade, and None (also Defer to Master Page, and Document Default). The directional "push" transition creates something like a parallax effect with a moving background between slides. Full article: https://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3258
Views: 952 Ajar Productions
How to Publish a Digital Magazine from InDesign: 7 - Article Explorer for Easy Mobile Reading
Article Explorer video from series on Creating a Digital Magazine from InDesign. Keep your pixel-perfect InDesign layout for all your readers to enjoy, but provide a no-frills easy reading experience for mobile screens. Use the InDesign Articles panel to collect multiple text frames and stories into a single reading experience. Full article available at http://ajar.pro/blog/?p=3143
Views: 788 Ajar Productions
in5 v3 Sneak Peek #2: Export Presets
Get updates at http://ajarproductions.com/subscribe This video shows how the newest version in5 (InDesign to HTML5) will let you save your export settings across documents.
Views: 468 Ajar Productions
Trigger an Animation with a Button using InDesign
Learn how to start an animation with a button click and how to create a custom motion path for your animation. Full course available at http://academy.ajar.pro #AjarAcademy #in5 #InDesign
Views: 200 Ajar Productions

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