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Urywki z filozofii   Arystoteles, Zachęta do filozofii
Zapraszam do nowego programu, w którym będę czytał wybitnych filozofów i myślicieli, bez których nie byłoby cywilizacji europejskiej.
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Litania do Szatana
Charles Baudelaire
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Richard Dawkins - Samolubny gen
Richard Dawkins "Samolubny gen", przekład Marek Skoneczny. Copyright Prószyńsky i ska.
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Horney - Intelektualiści i neurotycy
Karen Horney "Nowe drogi w psychoanalizie" All Rights Reserved.
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Adamowi Michnikowi - A tak niewiele brakowało
"A tak niewiele brakowało" Stanisław Barańczak.
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Czym jest metafizyka
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2. Helroth 30.09.2016
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Adoration of a nature
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Chrystus a praca - przymiarka.wmv
Na podstawie "Modlitwa i czyn" x. Michała Quoist'a.
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Men of the High North
"Ballads of a Cheechako" Robert W. Service.
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge "Devil Thoughts"
THE DEVIL'S THOUGHTS I. FROM his brimstone bed at break of day A walking the devil is gone, To visit his snug little farm the earth, And see how his stock goes on. II. Over the hill and over the dale, And he went over the plain, And backward and forward he switched his long tail As a gentleman switches his cane. III. And how then was the devil drest? Oh! he was in his Sunday's best: His jacket was red and his breeches were blue, And there was a hole where the tail came through. IV. He saw a lawyer killing a viper On a dung hill hard by his own stable; And the devil smiled, for it put him in mind Of Cain and his brother Abel. V. He saw an apothecary on a white horse Ride by on his vocations; And the devil thought of his old friend Death in the Revelations. VI. He saw a cottage with a double coach-house, A cottage of gentility; And the devil did grin, for his darling sin Is pride that apes humility. VII. He peep'd into a rich booksller's shop, Quoth he! "We are both of one college! For I sate myself, like a cormorant, once Hard by the tree of knowledge." [1] VIII. Down the river did glide with wind and with tide, A pig with vast celerity; And the devil looked wise as he saw how the while, It cut its own throat. "There!" quoth he with a smile, "Goes England's commercial prosperity." IX. As he went through Cold-Bath Fields he saw A solitary cell; And the devil was pleased, for it gave him a hint For improving his prisons in hell. X. He saw a turnkey in a trice Unfetter a troublesome blade; "Nimbly " quoth he, "do the fingers move If a man be but used to his trade." XI. He saw the same turnkey unfetter a man With but little expedition, Which put him mind of the long debate On the slave-trade abolition. XII. He saw an old acquaintance As he pass'd by a Methodist meeting; - - She holds a consecrated key, And the devil nods her a greeting. XIII. She turned up her nose, and said, "Avaunt! my name's Religion," And she looked to Mr. ____ And leered like a love-sick pigeon. XIV. He saw a certain minister (A minister to his mind) Go up into a certain house, With a majority behind. XV. The devil quoted Genesis, Like a very learned clerk, How "Noah and his creeping things Went up into the ark." XVI. He took from the poor, And he gave to the rich, And he shook hands with a Scotchman, For he was not afraid of the ____ * * * * * * XVII. General ___ burning face He saw with consternation, And back to hell his way did he take, For the Devil thought by a slight mistake It was general conflagration.
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Schopenhauer - Wola życia
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Litania do Szatana
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Twierdzenie Godla
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Vademecum początkującego realisty
30 punktów, które zmienią twoje życie. Źródło: Etienne Gilson, "Realizm tomistyczny", PAX, 1968, Warszawa.
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Radio Erywań
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Chrześcijaństwo a randyzm aka obiektywizm
Poprawiona wersja.
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English idioms
By "English idioms" W. McMordie, J. Seidl, Oxford University Press.
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Po Co Kontener?
Po Co Istnieje Kontener na Ubrania? Czy przeciętny Polak tego nie rozumie?
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Walcz Teledysk
Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżona dla zespołu IRA za kawałek "Walcz". All rights reserved.
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Szczere pole
Ogromne pole.
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O onanizmie 1.wmv
Doc. dr med. hab. Kinga Wiśniewska-Roszkowska. "Eros zbłąkany", rozdział 10. Część 1.
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Prawda o Karolu Marksie
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Vademecum Ojca Korwina
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My Private Library
Memoirs of a libertarian librarian and bibliophile (not pedophile!) or just book-lover and collector.
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Polish GiePeeS
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Paweł Bukowski - Słownik myśliwski
Paweł Bukowski Copyright
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Poradnik włamywacza
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Roget's Thesaurus Presentation
Reading of Foreword from RT.
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Stanisław Barańczak
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Cenzura i polityczna poprawność na f***booku osiągnęła swój szczyt tam, gdzie skończyła się moja cierpliwość.
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