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Gacha school ep.2 S.1
so again here we have our fav caracters but at summer holidays they haved a competition but tina have a plan...
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New chanell on you tube!!!
so here will be preety much changes cuz i just start this chanell
Views: 8 luca b
tysm FRIEND[ my first sub and read desc.]
so here will be so many bloopers and fails cuz im rlly clumsy and lazy ¬_¬
Views: 8 luca b
Finnaly Gachaverse is out here
So these are my oc's in gachaverse and here wull be so many changes to
Views: 3 luca b
My intro!!!!
Views: 12 luca b
my gacha school ep.1. S1.
here are so many mistakes omg but this is one normal school whit crazy class
Views: 4 luca b
I decited...not rlly cool names
Meni and Max they are ew on this chll ok guys please comment what i should do for next skit
Views: 21 luca b
Mary helped me so much...
No no no no no no no...and at least yes
Views: 10 luca b

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