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SQL to Excel
SQL to Excel http://www.sql-excel.com The one thing that really gets under my skin when it comes to SQL to Excel integration, is that Excel really wastes your time. Unless you have some tricks up your sleeve. SQL to Excel integration out-of-the-box from Microsoft leads a lot to be desired. Sometimes with tricky imports you might think that it would be better to use some other platform like Microsoft Access. But Microsoft's Excel from a user perspective is really a great platform for both these user as well as the developer for data intensive analysis. But you have to use SQL to Excel components correctly, otherwise you'll be wasting hours upon hours doing mindless tasks. I know, because for the last 10 years I've done SQL to Excel integration or my company. I work as a user business analyst, but I have a very strong background in software development. Specifically doing Excel development. It would be nice, if Excel had a robust SQL to Excel function toolbox. But unfortunately it does not. It's like SQL to Excel functionality was almost an afterthought. That's when I decided enough was enough. I had had my last all nighter trying to get Excel to do SQL to Excel the right way. You've probably had similar experiences. So I developed my own SQL to Excel tool set. My own SQL to Excel function toolbox. And now after about six months of using it in my company and for my users, I can tell you that it was one of the best things they've ever seen and used. They don't complain anymore when the data doesn't match up from the department to department. That's because there is no more what I call data drift. It's when the data in the SQL databases is not updated consistently. With the SQL to Excel functionality, the data drift disappears there is no more delay or data islands. Or even silos of data. All the users are happy because they are working from the same database source. The SQL to Excel functions automatically and transparently update and refresh the databases behind the scenes. I've achieved what I think is SQL to Excel nirvana. Because no longer am I pulling my hair out trying to get Excel to do SQL to Excel importing and exporting on its own. Now I'm happy SQL to Excel applications, and my users in their departments are happy with SQL to Excel applications. The next question is: Will you be happy with the SQL to Excel toolbox I've created? Will you download and apply my SQL to Excel in your next application? There's no reason not to. Because to download and install my SQL to Excel toolbox is free. You can get started right now. As in right this second. Never again will you be confused and frustrated because your SQL databases are not consistent. Never again will you be screaming how slow it is to develop SQL to Excel applications in Excel. You'll be like me and my users in their departments. You'll be happy and you'll be looking forward to the time when you can develop SQL to Excel applications without the pain and suffering you've experienced in the past. So go ahead and download my toolbox for SQL to Excel integration now. And then you can e-mail me and tell me how happy that you found this video and were able to finally put an end to SQL to Excel frustration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDrZXiOuEmk SQL to Excel
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Excel to SQL
Excel to SQL http://www.sql-excel.com One of the things that I see IT software development people struggle with is SQL to Excel integration. SQL to Excel integration unfortunately has been made unnecessarily cumbersome because of the rather primitive awkward way Microsoft has chosen to implement SQL to Excel communication. That's why I created a way to solve SQL to Excel integration once and for all. It doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to take a long time to develop software/spreadsheets which integrates SQL to Excel. And in fact, Excel is the PERFECT platform for integrating SQL to Excel database access. Excel is PERFECT for rapid application development (RAD). The right out-of-the-box though, SQL to Excel integration is painful in Excel. Not only that, but the way SQL to Excel was implemented, it created tremendous opportunity for the data to be structured wrong, or at minimum, misinterpreted. Let me give you one specific example. I called this example "data drift." What do I mean by "data drift?" It's when you have a SQL table and it's imported into Excel. The data into Excel spreadsheet is static, imported only one time during an Excel session. However, the data in the SQL table continues to be updated by different user departments in the company. In essence, the SQL to Excel "data drifts" more and from the corporate database on the server. This is where Microsoft's way of integrating SQL to Excel functionality falls far short. As you can imagine, this can cause tremendous problems with departments and users. And it's one of the main reasons, SQL to Excel integration projects are so frustrating. I though there had to be a better way of implementing SQL to Excel integration. My new SQL to Excel tool set I developed, solves that problem once and for all. Because now the data can be refreshed either through seamless and transparent SQL to Excel, or Excel to SQL integrations at key checkpoints and function points in the spreadsheet. The best part, is that SQL to Excel integration is ALL transparent to the user. While there is updating going on in the background/behind the scenes, the user is unaware of the SQL to Excel communication going on. Once my way of SQL to Excel has been implemented, the problem of data drift literally disappears. Because it looks like to the user they are really doing SQL to Excel importing and later updating the SQL database IN REAL-TIME. SQL to Excel, or Excel to SQL doesn't have to be hard to develop either. In fact with my tools, if you're a software developer, I've made SQL to Excel a snap. In less than a few minutes from now, you can be impressing your boss or the users with what you can do with Excel. You'll be able to make Excel do backflips, things you, as a software developer always wanted it to do. Using my SQL to Excel toolset, rapid application development (RAD) is a reality inside Excel. I urge you to check out my website at http://www.sql-excel.com. Once you do, you'll never go back to the slow, error prone, painful way of implementing SQL to Excel integrations in the future. SQL to Excel integrations from here forward will actually be fun and make your users extremely happy and confident in the data. Check it out at: http://www.sql-excel.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_WqmWM6MKU Excel to SQL
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