Videos uploaded by user “SheTigressRoam”
Kents Feel The Love
This is a romantic video about the two generations of Kent, Martha and Jonathan and Lana and Clark. The song is Can You Feel The Love Tonight by: Elton John.
Views: 3291 SheTigressRoam
Chloe Teenaged Drama Queen
This is a Smallville video about Chloe that I thought fit her. The song is That Girl from Lindsay Lohan's movie, Confessions of a Teenaged Drama Queen.
Views: 1181 SheTigressRoam
Mighty Morphin In Smallville
Out of a need for fun, I made this video of the Smallville characters as the Power Rangers (MMPR, of course).
Views: 12561 SheTigressRoam
Clark and Lex Friend In Me
This is a video about the close friendship shared between Clark and Lex from Smallville to the tune of Disney's You've Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman. It's Lex's POV.
Views: 3054 SheTigressRoam
Kim&Tommy If We Were A Movie
This is a video dedicated to Tommy and Kimberly of the Power Rangers with the song If We Were A Movie by Hannah Montana.
Views: 6988 SheTigressRoam
Jonathan to Clark Forever Young
A special look at the close bond shared between Clark and his father in Jonathan's POV.
Views: 2083 SheTigressRoam
Lana Who Said
This is dedicated to my favorite Smallville character, Lana Lang. The song is Who Said by Hannah Montana.
Views: 3061 SheTigressRoam
Pro-Life Loves The Little Children
Jesus Christ loves every child in this world before they're even conceived. Jesus is Pro-LIFE.
Views: 890 SheTigressRoam
Lex and Helen Beautiful
This video is dedicated to the romance shared between Lex Luthor and Helen Bryce, eventually Mr. and Mrs. Luthor. Song from Kelly Clarkson in Helen's POV.
Views: 6505 SheTigressRoam
Brooke and Lucas Anytime
Brooke is the best thing that's ever happened to Lucas. She loves him and is there for him as both his friend and his girlfriend. Kelly Clarkson's Anytime illustrates this.
Views: 2504 SheTigressRoam
Clark/Lana/Lex My Best Friends
Smallville's Top Three are my Top Three. This is dedicated to best friends Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Lex Luthor, the reasons I watch the show.
Views: 2383 SheTigressRoam
OTH Life's What You Make It
There's always a reason to celebrate in Tree Hill, so here's an upbeat video with the musical stylings of Hannah Montana.
Views: 874 SheTigressRoam

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