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Awkward Tom - Breakers Delight  (Dutch Electro)
My latest slice of Electro loveliness: written in Ableton thanks to mr sylenth mr massive and mr ozone http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom Vocals courtesy of Andrew Franco - Brake Dance http://ccmixter.org/people/andrewfranco
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Octamed Rhythm For Reasons Grand National - Amen Remix
A quick and dirty remix using Octamed recorded with just a little verb into a tascam dp01 digital recorder. All done to get to grips with recording in a new way for me........
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Badman Riddim - Awkward Tom Rude Boy Edit - Vato Gonzalez_Foreign Beggars
Badman Riddim by Vato Gonzalez_Foreign Beggars - non commercial remix by Awkward Tom Rude Boy Edit big up to Andrew Franco & avery Phantom at CCmixter.org for the vocals http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom
Views: 553 awkwardtom
Eartrash Immortal - Awkward Tom Pin Drop Remix
Liked the version by Eartrash & wanted to put my spin on it - feel free to comment if you like or not!
Views: 445 awkwardtom
Akai s950 Jungle Breakz floppy disc
Think my diskette drive is broken went to load my fave jungle breakz and look what happens
Views: 234 awkwardtom
Skream & Example - Shot yourself in the foot again (Awkward Tom Dubtasty Remix)
Awkward Tom Dubtasty Remix. Non commercial i dont claim to own the obvious samples used in this song! Remixed in Ableton live using an Akai Apc40 controller, i also used Sugar Bytes Effectrix & Isotope Ozone to finish the overall master http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom
Views: 465 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom - Snakebite (Nasty Dubstep)
Nasty dubstep with a hint of serial killer badness to add flavour.......... Download it here - http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom http://www.awkwardtom.com
Views: 2301 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom - Foo Fighters - All My Life REMIX
Thought i would mix this one in an awkward_tom stylee :) * Thanks to the foo fighters for the original song * http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom
Views: 1436 awkwardtom
mini mix 2
90's Classics wrapped up in a mini mix - loads of old school favourites
Views: 20 awkwardtom
Frankie Bones - Can You Feel This - Bonesbreaks Vol 3.flv
Decided to record one of my rare vinyls playing and post it. The track is Can You Feel This by Frankie Bones taken from the legendary series of breaks ep's Bonebreaks Volume 3 "dope breaks for Dj's" on Underworld Records 1989. 9 tracks in total of classic New York techno from the master Mr Bones. http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom
Views: 1449 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom & Forensic - Supafly Cool Guy
Club house extravaganza - featuring 4nsic from ccmixter.org (big thanks to both) please comment if you like thanks :)
Views: 83 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom & Ms Vybe - Diplomahtik Twisted Dub Rmx
Had this one sat on my HD so thought i would post it. Its a Wobble & Dubbed out old school flavour using a Ms Vybe acapella courtesy of CCmixter.org - Check out the LFO in the mid section :) http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom
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Eartrash Oxymoron - Awkward Tom Remix
My entry for the eartrash oxymoron remix competition, there are some solid entries out there check them out then go here to enter if you dare ! : http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom http://www.eartrash.com - created in Ableton & mastered with Ozone
Views: 223 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom v Foo Fighters   All my TB303 Life
Decided to dust off the the old acid monster & blast it over a previous foo fighters remix - feel free to comment if you like or not :) smiley smiley smiley http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom
Views: 93 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom & Forensic - Chucks Bombs
Vocals courtesy of 4nsic @ccmixter.org please check these guys out.....
Views: 55 awkwardtom
Cataracs ft Dev Bass Down Low - Awkward Tom Big Guns Edit
I likes my bass down low so i dropped some beats down on Devs acapella - filmed in my studio................. http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom http://twitter/awkward_tom
Views: 514 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom & Forensic - Think about the ABC
Excellent vocals courtesy of 4nsic @CCmixter.org please check out their amazing lyrical talents.........
Views: 43 awkwardtom
#awkward_tom phace fugger
RaNDom NoOdlings for 2 hours
Views: 38 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom & Ms Vybe - Name is Ms V
Vocals courtesy of Ms V @CCmixter.org if you like please check out her excellent stuff!
Views: 42 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom & Forensic - Music Involvment
"Whoa. The backing track kicks so many kinds of ass it's not even funny. Excellent". Hip hop started in the trenches now we losing the fight............
Views: 50 awkwardtom
Awkward Tom - Once Again (Nasty Dubstep)
Fat bass & heavy kicks - Tom stylee :) http://soundcloud.com/awkwardtom
Views: 697 awkwardtom

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