Videos uploaded by user “Max Trickzter”
Surf_reprise CS:GO WR by ĦéăĐ
Map made by : TeMp Pretty decent run, bad cp2 could've gotten a better start aswell but took the record with 0.01 :) Server : Surf Heaven (SH)
Views: 888 Max Trickzter
Lucio the trickzter
Views: 112 Max Trickzter
Diamond riven plays
Was really behind this game but i managed to comeback! song :https://soundcloud.com/djvanic/vanic-kflay-cant-sleep
Views: 204 Max Trickzter
Tracer - Multikill  POTG
The moment when I try to play with higher sense and play in full panic the whole game but still manage to get this stressful POTG.
Views: 54 Max Trickzter
Sona penta
S7 Mid Sona pentakill Diamond.
Views: 5 Max Trickzter
Overwatch overtime bug
The recorder stopped in the end , but the second point did not bug , we went on to get overtime to check then stepped out of the point to get a Draw.
Views: 71 Max Trickzter

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