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Love doesn't cost a thing Alvin and Yvonne
Yvonne gave Alvin a boob action
SpongeBob SquarePants - squidward and Patrick fight in a wishing well
Squidward and Patrick fight in the wishing well and SpongeBob watched
Namaqua Chameleon
Namaqua Chameleon eats its prey
Dinotasia ending
This movie's real ending
Gotham Bullock had sex
Harvey Bullock have sex with a woman
Badass Animals - Honey Badger vs. Puff Adder
The honey badger eat the puff adder's dead gerbil then fight the snake. He killed it by eating its head off. But the snake bite him during the fight and the badger dies. But he survived the venom and go back eating his opponent.
Dragon Ball Z - Bulma’s ass
In season 7, episode 212, Bulma cheering for Trunks when he defeat Goten in a match and shake her fine ass left and right. And Master Roshi attempt to touch it but she punch old man in the head.
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Katara kiss Aang
In Avatar: The Last Airbender, season 2 episode 18th, Katara kiss Aang on the cheek
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods - Bulma slap Master Roshi
Videl get shot in the leg and Master Roshi offer to give her mouth to mouth but Bulma slap the old pervert
Anaconda 1997 - Steven and Terri kiss
Steven and Terri kiss
Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas - Sinbad and Marina kiss
The ship fall on a waterfall, made Marina fall on Sinbad, they kiss, then she knocked him out
The Batman Yin tackle Langstrom
Kirk Langstrom was finish drinking his serum to become Man-Bat but Detective Ellen Yin tackle him and handcuffs
Dragon Ball Z - Roshi touch Videl’s boobie
Season 8, episode 246, Master Roshi take advantage of the situation to touch Videl’s big hot breast and she slap him away.
Dragon Ball Z - Videl vs criminals
In season seven, episode 201, Videl save a bus of elder people from three criminals.
Family Guy - Peter breaks Guillermo's leg
Peter do softball practice with Guillermo then he injured him on the knee
Sandy rub SpongeBob
Sandy rub SpongeBob on a rock and he turned into dust
Jeffery Can't touch me
Jeffery do the dance "Can't touch me" from Family Guy.
Taimadou Gakuen 35 - Takeru gropes Oka
Episode 1 Takeru accidentally touched Oka’s breast, got knocked out by a sniper shot from Usagi, and fall on Oka’s breasts again.