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A very simple way to teach kids on how to write English alphabets
Kids are interested in shapes and enjoy drawing the same. Teach writing alphabets by teaching simple shapes.
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COBOL 13 Call Programs using Linkage
Call other COBOL programs, linkage section
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Functional Testing Part 7 by www.openmentor.net (SDLC Proposal to Contract)
SDLC Inception phase. Proposal, negotiation, contract.
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COBOL 6 Sign and Decimals
Using sign and decimal places in numeric variables. Implicit and explicit decimal points
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COBOL 2 Identification and Environment Divisions
Components of the first 2 divisions, A margin, B margin, comments
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IBM RPT 1 Introduction to IBM Rational Performance Tester
Workspace, project, record, script tree, replay
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Neoload 5 Correlation
Manage dynamic parameters sent by server using correlation
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COBOL 9 Perform Thru and Until
Loop until a condition becomes true, execute many paras, global variables
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Performance Testing - Response Time Breakdown concepts
Multi-layer architecture, what are concurrent requests, request and response time breakdown such as connection time, DNS resolution time, first buffer time etc.
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Functional Testing Part 12 by openmentor.net (SDLC System Testing Phase)
SDLC System Testing. Activities overview during system testing.
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Neoload 4 Pass parameters
Pass parameters to script using a csv file
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COBOL 8 Perform and Loops
Modular program using Perform, Loop using perform statement
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COBOL 10 Arrays and Records
Arrays, Occurs, Record levels, element qualification using OF
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HP Load Runner 4 Data Parameterization
Provide different data to the script, to populate large amount of data to the application
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Unix Grep, Pipe
Grep command, pipe line, output redirection
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Quality Center 6 Bug Tracking
Enter bug details, change bug status, trace bug history
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 28 இடைநிலை
இடைநிலை, காலம் காட்டும் இடைநிலைகள்
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Different Types of Performance Testing
Types of Performance Testing - Load, Stress, Scalability, Volume, Endurance testing, monitoring, profiling
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Point of Sale (POS) - Part 1 - by www.openmentor.net
What is Point of Sale, History, Equipments at selling counter, Items and price
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COBOL 12 Condition Names
Level 88 fields Boolean conditions
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Quality Center 3 Requirements
Add requirement folders, subfolders, add parent-child requirements, arrange requirements grid
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COBOL 1 Introduction Divisions Accept Display
Introduction to COBOL. The 4 divisions of the program. Basic input and output. Use of IDE Cobol.
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கம்ப்யூட்டர் - ஒரு எளிய அறிமுகம் - 1
கணினியின் பாகங்கள்
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தமிழில் HTML 2 Fonts Meta Tags (In Tamil)
Font settings, superscript, subscript, strikethru, meta tags, paragraphs
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Load Runner - Part 1 - VUGenerator Record Replay
Create solution, create script, select protocol, record script, replay from vuser generator.
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தமிழில் HTML 6 Div Span (in Tamil)
Div and span, use style classes
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 6 குற்றியலிகரம்
குற்றியலிகரம், ஐகாரக் குறுக்கம்
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 3 மாத்திரை
குறில், நெடில், மாத்திரை அளவு
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QTP Part 7 Mandatory and Assistive Properties
Use of mandatory and assistive properties. Multiple instances of same application
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 14 போலிகள்
முதற்போலி, இடைப் போலி, கடைப்போலி
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IBM RPT 2 Schedule
Think time, schedule, user group, add test to user group, run schedule
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 31 குறிப்பு, உடன்பாடு, எதிர்மறை வினைமுற்று
குறிப்பு, உடன்பாடு, எதிர்மறை வினைமுற்று
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QTP Part 12 Virtual Objects
Make QTP generate meaningful script on non standard objects
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Perl 8 File Handling
Open, read, write, append, close files.
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Microsoft Excel 4 - Cell formatting
Vertical align, horizontal align, wrap text, merge cells, change cell height and width
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 8 - பெயர்ச்சொல்
பொருள், இடம், காலம், சினை, குணம், தொழில்
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QTP Part 4 Convert non-standard objects
Convert a non-standard object to a standard object for better recognition.
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 30 தெரிநிலை வினைமுற்று
வினைமுற்று, அது உணர்த்தும் பொருள்கள்
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HP Load Runner 2 Controller Users and Duration
Pull script to controller, add constant users, run scenario for fixed duration
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 15  சுட்டு
அகச்சுட்டு, புறச்சுட்டு
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COBOL 3 Simple variables
77 level, picture clause, accept data from user, numeric and alpha numeric types
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IBM Rational Functional Tester - Part 2 - by www.openmentor.net
Object Map - highlight elements, rename objects, Use simple java functions and loops in scripts
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QTP Part 30 Test Parameters
How to set parameters at test level and share
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JMeter - Part 2 - by www.openmentor.net
Configure Proxy, Record script without controller, Workbench, Run threads, Verify script
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Functional Testing Part 14 by openmentor.net (SDLC Deployment Testing)
SDLC Deployment Testing. Product is being pushed to live production environment.
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Functional Testing Part 1 by www.openmentor.net (basic questions, black & white box)
Basic questions on functional testing, black box, white box testing
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Load Runner Part 2 - Controller
Create scenario, map script, assign users, run a basic schedule with multiple users
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Neoload 3 Rampup Vusers
Run vusers for specified time, increase user count over a period of time
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Functional Testing Part 3 by www.openmentor.net (failures that cause huge loss)
Why software testing is required? Many examples of failures that caused millions of dollars in losses. This session is specifically recorded with noise; from this you can understand that if the quality is not maintained, how bad the customer experience will be.
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தமிழ் இலக்கணம் 7 ம/ஔ/ஃ குறுக்கங்கள்
மகரக் குறுக்கம், ஔகாரக் குறுக்கம், ஆய்தக் குறுக்கம்
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