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West IP Communications and Cisco: The Cure for Communications Madness
West IP Communications is the Cisco 2013 U.S. Cloud Provider of the Year, U.S. Collaboration Cloud Provider of the Year, and U.S. Central Solution Provider of the Year. The honors reinforce West IP Communications' ability to deliver the most advanced Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) applications, including VoiceMaxx CE, its suite of service packages based on the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). West IP Communications is also a Cisco Gold Partner, Cisco Cloud Provider, Cisco Managed Services Channel Program (MSCP) and Cisco Master UC Specialization certified.
West IP Communications Success Story - Northwest Exterminating
SITUATION Northwest predominantly serves the Atlanta, Ga. area, but success has lead to continued growth and acquisition of other pest control companies throughout the region. Each acquisition brings its challenges for Matthew Metcalfe, Director of Information Systems, and his IT team. "Northwest has a pretty aggressive growth plan and we're on track to open probably one or two offices every year for the foreseeable future," Metcalfe said. "We had some limitations with our existing phone system and it just did not grow. It did not scale beyond eight offices." New locations were often equipped with legacy and heterogeneous communications technology that did not easily integrate with the system at their headquarters. In addition, many of these "new" locations were and continue to be in rural areas not easily accessed by traditional telecom providers and carriers. "At Northwest, the communications are pretty diverse," Metcalfe said. "We have offices all over Georgia right now and are expanding into other states in the southeast, so our offices are typically sometimes rural. We were looking for a carrier that could provide solutions not just in the metro area but also in the outlying areas and also in the southeast." Metcalfe's small IT team was also spending most of his time on small management tasks related to these various systems, including moves, add and changes (MACs) and lost or forgotten passwords. Meanwhile, they have much bigger strategic issues on their hands, such as working to integrate the new branches. SOLUTIONS & RESULTS With all of the new branches opening across the region, Northwest was able to use ControlMaxx hosted contact center suite to better provide customer service. Incoming calls are now routed using ControlMaxx to the appropriate branch based on where the call originated from. Northwest also uses VoiceMaxx hosted voice services, which operate over the MAXXIS application aware network. The combination of cloud--based voice over a completely managed MPLS network means that not only does Northwest experience the best voice and data quality possible, but is able to easy implement all applications in new branches by just adding router and switch hardware -- all other processes are delivered via the cloud. And with access to more than 8,000 rate centers in the U.S. and the ability to provide the best possible network connectivity in an area, Northwest's rural locations perform just as well as it Atlanta headquarters. "The whole process of bringing a new office online from circuits, to phones, to network, has all been consolidated into one entity," Metcalfe said. "We work with West IPC to get it up and running and we don't have any of those issues. So our growth plan is very much streamlined from a technology perspective." Northwest also leverages MaxxSecure, a managed security system, to protect all data coming in and out of their system. Like other cloud--based applications from West IPC, MaxxSecure requires no on site hardware and is proactively managed by West IPC, saving the IT department time and money. "The service that West IPC gets from Northwest is outstanding," Metcalfe said. "We can send anything from a ticket to a critical issue and we know it's going to get handled. If we have recurring issues, there's a group on site that is responsive at West IPC that really helps us, and works through it until it's resolved."
West IP Communications - Cypress Insurance Success Story
For more information: www.westipc.com SITUATION Cypress' mantra is "Big enough to be competitive, small enough to care." The same can be said be said for their IT department. Being a relatively small unit, Philip Ashby, IT manager, and his team were often over burdened with managing issues related to their old and outdated PBX phone system. Not only was the PBX on its last leg, but it was a piece of legacy equipment that no one was sure how to fix. "We had an old PBX phone system that would allow us basic phone cues but not a lot of customization," Ashby said. "It was all run off a server and it was all proprietary. It was a fairly old system so we didn't really get a lot of customization for what our business needs were." Cypress also operates a contact center for claims calls that come in. This is particularly important when disaster strikes the hurricane-prone Jacksonville, Fla., area where Cypress is based. Their phone system at the time didn't have business-critical features like disaster recovery and bursting capabilities, leaving them prone to losing their voice and data services when their customer needed to contact them the most. "We contacted West IPC because we wanted a phone system that would be more easily expandable and allow us to grow in size and functionality," said Ashby. "Along with features such as disaster recovery, features such as phone cues, features such as call monitoring, things that our old phone system didn't allow us." SOLUTION West IPC implemented the VoiceMaxx cloud-based suite of voice services to replace the aging PBX. VoiceMaxx provided Cypress with unlimited calling capacity, both inbound and outbound. This allowed them to scale the system to accommodate bursts in calling activity and removed the capacity constraints typically associated with legacy PBX systems. To enhance Cypress' contact center capabilities, West IPC used ControlMaxx, a cloud-based call routing tool that puts users in control of their inbound and outbound calls, as well as provides management tools for visibility, control and reporting needs in order to enhance contact center performance. ControlMaxx is also used by Cypress to establish CAT (catastrophe) contact centers in order to handle bursts in call volume when a disaster, usually a hurricane, is about to hit the Jacksonville area. West IPC set up extra users and numbers that are ready on the fly in case of an emergency and can be accessed via ControlMaxx from any location. As a hosted VoIP solution, all of the business intelligence that runs our phone system is hosted off site," Ashby said. "So if something were to happen to our office, all we would have to do is relocate to a new office space, have new switches and routers put in and we would be up and running in no time at all."
West IP Communications Success Story - Prommis Solutions
For more information: www.westipc.com SITUATION Over the past several years, Prommis® Solutions has seen its business of providing processing services for the full lifecycle of real estate transactions grow. This growth began driving higher call volumes, especially in the contact center, yielding a need for better reporting on factors such as call length, on--hold times, agent availability and more. One of the barriers to obtaining these reports, however, was that the company had four different Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems servicing five offices. While each was already limited in the reports it could generate, the incompatibility between systems made it difficult to produce any significant reports on overall performance. "A lack of good reporting prohibited us from making improvements to the system, such as developing better call flows, that would make the caller experience a better one," says Shawn Daniel, Telecom and Project Manager for Prommis Solutions. "We wanted to get much more granular so we could see in real time what was happening in our contact centers and make adjustments as they're needed rather than simply looking backward after the fact." The growth of the business made network management another concern. As the volume of transactions Prommis Solutions processed rose, it became increasingly important to assure the company's services were available to its clients. Prommis Solutions was effectively functioning as the back end for its financial institution customers in these areas. If there was a network problem, or a noticeable drop in performance, it could have disastrous results. SOLUTION To solve these issues, Daniel engaged West IP Communications, a Cisco--Powered Managed Unified Communications solution provider. WestIPC recommended moving all network and voice traffic onto an MPLS network using Cisco routers and switches. The managed MPLS network would provide redundant connections through a primary and secondary carrier, enhancing voice and data availability. To improve reporting, West IPC suggested moving the entire company to its proprietary ControlMaxx hosted contact center platform, which allows clients to manage and optimize all their inbound call traffic while providing robust, flexible operation. RESULTS The first benefits of the move to West IPC's MPLS network were realized when four-digit dialing and other VoIP features were enabled. It has made calling a colleague in another state as easy as calling one down the hall while creating other efficiencies as well. Once it was in place, Prommis Solutions and West worked out a plan to convert two of the larger contact center sites over to ControlMaxx as a first step to a larger upgrade. Both were up and running in just under two weeks. The impact was immediate.
West IP Communications Success Story -  Namasco
CHALLENGES Namasco was a company on the move. They were quickly growing through acquisition of other steel distributors, and each time a branch was acquired they had to integrate that branch's communications with their existing infrastructure. This became fairly difficult to do because many branches had their own PBX systems and their own bills associated with their communications. These PBXs were also a mix of non--major brands and used different connectivity methods, including PRI, analog and TDM. None of the equipment was Cisco. "We have 30 different locations and at some of our older facilities we had very old phone systems," said Leo Ducharme, IT director, Namasco. "We had the PBX and we couldn't even replace the equipment." Namasco not only needed a complete hardware overhaul, but they needed a system that would unify each branch and also allow them to easily integrate new branches into the system as the continued to grow. They were also in need of security solution that would protect the infrastructure. Namasco was also looking to centralize the system and come from one vendor, as the IT staff was small and was not represented at each site. SOLUTION West IP Communications was chosen by Namasco based on their portfolio of unified communications tools designed to work together over geographically dispersed locations and experience in dealing with migrating sites with legacy infrastructure to a cloud-based model. The first order of business was to implement MaxxSecure, West IPC centralized security management tool that provides unified protection of the entire communications infrastructure without on--premise hardware. The center of Namasco's solution was VoiceMaxx, a cloud--based voice communications platform featuring full PBX functionality, advanced enterprise and personal call management tools and leading edge Unified Communications features. In addition to nationwide 4--digit dialing between locations, Namasco recently began using AMP, a chat and presence client that fits into the VoiceMaxx portfolio. Although the company was already under contract with a national network provider, Namasco was able to leverage the MAXXIS MPLS application--aware network as a built-in failover network. The steel industry is very traditional, and is still an industry--wide practice to have orders come in via fax. Using DirecFax has changed Namasco's business by allowing these orders to be sent directly to email, saving time and order confusion. RESULTS As a result of West IPC's suite of cloud--based communications applications, Namasco was able to improve their communications between their nationwide office locations. As the entire infrastructure is managed by West IPC and applications are hosted in the cloud, the burden has been taken off of the already small IT department. In addition to better security throughout the whole system, Namasco never has to worry about losing network connectivity due to the multiple redundant networks. "I can't have every one of our locations calling us, so we try to encourage them to call West IPC," Ducharme said. "They have a direct dial number for us, four digits, and they have NOC center that's on 24/7 to give us notification ahead of time if there's a problem that's happening, like we've lost power to the building or the circuit is down. They let us know and we can then take corrective action to switch it over to a backup network." West IPC was also able to perform extensive training with many of the employees of Namasco who were unfamiliar with the potential for cloud--based communications. Many had never seen as Cisco phone, and much less knew how it worked. Trainers set up a demo room at each location and brought all employees up to speed in a relatively short time. "The best thing about how West IPC is when you're going to through the installation process, how they help you step by step, because as we all know," Ducharme said. "Telecoms are not easy to deal with. They can take a lot of that pressure off of you. Then going forward, you have one place to go. You have a problem, you know you are going to take care of it."

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