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Docker on AWS - the Right Way
Docker containers are an excellent solution to many problems: they can greatly simplify your deployment process, they provide an alternative approach to configuration management, and they offer excellent consistency and portability. However, running production environments on Docker containers can be challenging and requires careful consideration of various aspects such as high availability, scalability, storage persistence and more. In this webinar we will address some of the prominent issues you might encounter when designing Docker-based production environments on AWS, and present possible solutions to these issues. Key topics: Container Orchestration on AWS Load Balancing - ELBs and ALBs Service Auto Scaling and Cluster Auto Scaling Service Discovery Continuous Integration & Delivery
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AllCloud Gartner Recognition
AllCloud has been recognized in Gartner's 2018 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers, Worldwide
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Mastering CodeDeploy with Jenkins and Puppet
Emind's CTO, Oron Adam and Software Automation Engineer, Mihai Pantelimon present on using open source tools Jenkins and Puppet to master AWS CodeDeploy.
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Mastering AWS CodeDeploy with Jenkins & Puppet
Emind's CTO, Oron Adam and Software Automation Engineer, Mihai Pantelimon present on using open source tools Jenkins and Puppet to master AWS CodeDeploy.
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How to Triple Your Speed of Development Using Automation
Learn how to quickly increase software development and ultimately improve your team's productivity using AWS DevOps Services, 3rd party CI/CD tools and automation best practices. Afterwards, ask our automation expert, Johanan Liebermann, your toughest AWS questions.
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AllCloud Launch  Event 1.30.17
Ronit Rubin, AllCloud CEO Harel Ifhar, Country Manager for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Israel Olivia Elbaz, VP Sales of Salesforce Israel
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A Smooth Switch to Salesforce Lightning - Hebrew
In this webinar, AllCloud covers the most efficient way to migrate to Salesforce Lightning in order to avoid common challenges, highlights important features to be sure to start utilizing after the switch, as well as Lightning's new support for Hebrew right-to-left. We also hear from customer Natural Intelligence about their migration story.
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AllCloud's "Cloud & Clear" Magazine - Episode 2 - Infrastructure as Code Delivery Pipeline
AllCloud's Marketing VP, Lee Laster, discusses the concept of "Infrastructure as code delivery pipeline" with Nathaniel "Nati" Assis, a true cloud expert.
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Emind Customer Testimonial Video
Featuring GreenSQL, Moovit, Wibbitz, and Orbograph
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Emind Customer Stories
GreenSQL, Moovit, Wibbitz speak about their partnership with Emind on AWS.
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DR-as-a-Service on AWS
Lahav Savir, Architect & CEO, presenting Emind's new Disater Recovery-as-a-Service offering at the Israel United Cloud Summit on Dec. 17th 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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AllCloud's "Cloud & Clear" Magazine - Episode 3 - The History of Passwords and SSO
A brief description of password history, SAML, SCIM and 2-factor authentication, by OneLogin's own Dan Power.
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About AllCloud
AllCloud is accelerating cloud innovation across AWS competencies to ensure organizations are future ready and become cloud native. An AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Audited Managed Service Provider with expertise in cloud architecture, DevOps, security and operations.
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AllCloud Salesforce Digital Engagement Webinar
AllCloud and Salesforce go over all the latest digital engagement tools to better support customers using 'Service Cloud.'
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AllCloud's "Cloud & Clear" Magazine - Episode 1 - Account Based Selling
"Account Based Selling", an interview with Mr Yoni Dariel, the CEO of ONDiGO.
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AllCloud Logo Intro
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AWS Highlights and New Announcements
Guy Brodny, AllCloud's Cloud Architect Manager reviews announcements and new services presented at re:Invent.
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