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CW Flash and Arrow Rant (mostly Arrow) (SPOILERS)
I thought I'd discuss my feelings about The Flash and Arrow on the CW. The Flash is mostly good but has minor flaws, but Arrow has become a HOT STEAMING MESS... I'll discuss here.
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On the New Wonder Woman Movie Image: Where's Philippus?
The upcoming Wonder Woman movie is highly anticipated and mostly everybody is here for it, myself included. However this first image, while beautiful, is missing a very key and obvious character from Wonder Woman's history.
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My Thoughts on the Live Action Portrayals Of Emma Frost
Here I discuss one of my favorite female comic book characters and her live action renditions. Note: Totally goofed and said Silver Kaylafox instead of Kayla Silverfox initially. Lol.
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X-Men: Apocalypse SPOILER Review (Pt. 3- Prof. X, Moira, Magneto & Quicksilver)
More characters to discuss and some fan theories.
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Why I Ship Archie with Veronica (or anyone else really) And NOT Betty
In conjunction with my video about the upcoming CW Archie series titled 'Riverdale', I decided to elaborate on why I've always preferred Veronica Lodge (or Cheryl Blossom or now Valerie Brown) as Archie's main love interest rather than Betty Cooper. Enjoy ;)
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Poetic Soul- Illusion (a sestina)
I might start a series of videos called Poetic Soul in which I read my own original poetry. This one was a very deep and personal one and was my very first sestina. The line endings (if you wanted to know): Combination Desire Soul Incite Within Illusion
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My First Vid!!! Ugh! Finally...
Just a little introduction to who I am and what I'll be posting. Be merciful y'all! ;)
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My Concerns About Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Mostly Wonder Woman
I have not seen the movie yet but I know some details of it and wanted to discuss some of my fears and concerns as I prepare to see the movie. The main theme here is Wonder Woman and the need for Hollywood to depower women. The Wonder Woman comic issue mentioned here is: Wonder Woman volume 2 #187 "A Cat-God Scorned" from February 2003.
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X-Men: Apocalypse SPOILER REVIEW (The Lost Review- Beast & Cyclops)
I realize that I not only forgot to post this review, but that I mistakenly referred to it as part 3 when it should have been part 4 (and the next one part 5). It was pretty late and my brain was obviously overwhelmed with exhaustion. I didn't want to reshoot or try and edit it and the subsequent vids so I thought I'd just admit my goof and post it out of order. I felt pretty strongly about Cyclops in particular and of a glaring error the film pulled (as you'll see in watching the review), so I felt obligated to not let this fade into obscurity. Hope you enjoy! ;)
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ABC Rant (SPOLIERS for several ABC shows & Cap America: Civil War!!!)
This is a rant video about some of ABC's more popular shows that I am currently watching or have seen in the past. I hope you enjoy! ;)
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Batman v Superman Non-spoiler review
My spoiler-free review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There ARE some spoilers for Man of Steel, just a warning. I mention in the video that I needed to stop the video at 15 minutes. I'm currently using my iPhone to record these videos and for some reason videos longer than fifteen minutes refuse to upload. I don't know if it's the software or what, but I'm on a bit of a timeline until I get a better camera. Update: I figured it out and now am able to upload videos longer than fifteen minutes! HOORAY!!!
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Batman v Superman Spoiler Review
My spoiler review for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here I'm focusing on specific character details from the movie and what I felt worked and didn't work.
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Should Captain America Have a Boyfriend? (Captain America: Civil War SPOILERS)
There have been a lot of fans demanding that Captain America/Steve Rogers should be given a boyfriend. Here's my view on it...
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My Book Collection
Just a demonstration of the novels, graphic novels, guides and other books I own and have on my beautiful new bookshelf.
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My Thoughts On The Upcoming CW Series Riverdale (Archie Show) (SPOILERS for Afterlife With Archie)
Here I discuss my concerns/expectations for the series while providing some background and context for the comics, the characters and whatnot. Hope you enjoy! ;)
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X-Men: Apocalypse SPOILER Review (Pt.2- Mystique and Nightcrawler)
Just kidding about Psylocke! The video was running a bit long so I decided to save her for later!
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X-Men: Apocalypse SPOILER Review (Pt.1- Opening Sequence, Apocalypse and His Horsemen)
A small overview of the nature of this series of videos that will comprise my entire review of the film. There was a lot to discuss so I broke it down into several parts so that I would not try to upload a super-long video. This first part deals with the opening and some of my initial impressions of the film as well as my overall thoughts on the title villain and the actor who played him as well as his main followers (primarily the initial incarnation of the Horsemen who appear in Egypt, but some thoughts on the main version in the film).
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