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5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design
A responsive website changes its layout dynamically to reflect the user's device. This means responsive websites can deliver better customer engagement and conversion rates to mobile users.
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Four Fundamentals of Social Networking Success
Internet Marketing consultants, WSI Cheshire review the four fundamental factors that can ensure a successful social networking campaign: 1. Plan Ahead 2. Understand the Social Media landscape 3. Be Patient 4. Measure, Tweak, Rinse, Repeat Long term engagement is the goal, so get involved Today. Need help? Call Andy Wooles, Internet Consultant on 01928 787026
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5 Great Ways to Improve Brand Promotion and Raise Brand Visibility
Brand visibility and promotion is important for most businesses. This video highlights five important areas which are neglected by many marketeers. Each can help raise the visibility of your brand with your target audience.
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Social Media Content Tips to Improve Customer Engagement
Content marketing is vital component of a successful marketing strategy. The right content will encourage customer engagement and so improve business success. This video provides five content ideas to help improve the success of your content.
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5 Tips for Display Advertising Success
Online display advertising can be a very powerful marketing tool to build a brand and generate sales. The video from WSI Chester looks at 5 important areas which can help ensure the success of your display advertising campaign, whether it is run on Google Adwords, Facebook or another online display advertising platform.
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Building Brand Loyalty in 5 Steps
Growing a loyal customer base should be a fundamental objective of a digital marketing strategy. Here are five steps to build into that strategy to help ensure success.
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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015
What factors are going to make the difference to the success of your digital marketing in 2015? This video highlights five important trends which could you stay ahead of the game.
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5 Great Reasons to use Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising such as Google Adwords can bring a variety of benefits to your online marketing campaigns, from instant visibility to SEO keyword research and conversion optimisation.
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7 Elements of an Optimised Pay-Per-Click Campaign
Video looks at seven key areas of a Pay-Per-Click campaign which directly impact campaign performance and ROI, This is relevant to Google Adwords and other PPC platforms such as Facebook.
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5 Essential Email Marketing Tips for Business Today
Email marketing is an essential business tool for every business today. Here are 5 great tips to improve lead generation and customer retention.
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Attract New Customers with Content Marketing in 5 Simple Steps
Effective content marketing can improve your company's web visibility, increase traffic levels and help nurture existing prospects to become clients. This video outlines 5 steps to content marketing excellence:- 1. Know your own USP 2. Research your target audience 3. Understand your buying cycle 4. Create relevant, unique content 5. Develop a content publishing calendar to manage implementation. Call WSI Chester on 01928 787026 for more information.
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5 Essential Steps for Improving Online Lead Generation
As more people turn to the web as a convenient way to consume media -- it becomes more important for businesses to not only have their online presence easily found, but to also adopt a focused strategy around converting website traffic into new business. This can be achieved by defining your website objectives and then establishing a proper sales or information funnel through which to guide visitors. The video describes the following five steps which will enable you to convert more visitors into leads and ultimately into new customers. 1. A Prominent Call to Action An effectively written call to action can help improve your lead conversion significantly. Keep your call to action short and to the point. A good use of images and colour can help highlight your call to action links. 2. Review Your Layout The way your website is laid out is a key component in highlighting your main message. Once you have identified your call to action trigger points, make sure that is what visitors are attracted to first. 3. Keep Content Easily Digestible Structure content in small chunks and use effective titles to break up your copy. Then naturally intersperse your call to action as links within the copy to direct your visitors. 4. Offer Something for Nothing Giving away an industry white paper or report in exchange for some contact information is an effective method for turning visitors in to new business contacts -- and will also help to qualify your leads. 5. Follow Up With Automated Emails Often overlooked, an automated email sequence plays a key role in converting your new lead into a customer. While these five straightforward but effective steps will help increase your conversions, there are many other things you can do depending on where you are in your online business strategy. If you would like help improving your online lead generation, get in touch. Andy Wooles Internet Marketing Consultant Tel: 01928 787026
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SEO Tips for 2014 and beyond
Search optimisation of websites is changing all the time. AdaptiveSEO from WSI provides a strategy to deliver strong content to interest and attract prospects while keeping the search engines happy.
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5 Steps To Make Social Media Work For Your Business
Are you struggling to get started with social media for your business. This non-technical 2 minute video has 5 steps to help you use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter effectively. For more help, call WSI Chester on 01928 787026 today.
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5 Reasons why Your Website is still important to your Business
With the rise in the use of mobile devices and social media, many businesses are questioning whether their website is still important for the future growth of their business. If you are serious about digital marketing, then this video gives five reasons why you should not neglect your website.
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5 Landing Page Tips to Improve Conversion
Improving the performance of landing pages can increase campaign sales and profitability without any increase in web traffic or advertising spend. This video provides 5 great tips to make your landing pages more effective.
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Improve the Power of your Social Selling
Social Selling uses the power of social networking and the internet to help and influence customers through their buying journey. The video provides some simple tips to help you become a Trusted Authority in the eyes of your customers.
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5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch and Master
Smartphones and tablets have overtaken PCs as the consumers device of choice for accessing the Internet. This opens up new opportunities to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty, and so drive sales. This video identifies five trends to watch and master for maximum impact.
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Improve Customer Engagement with Inbound Marketing
5 tips to help you stand out in your market place, improve customer engagement and establish your company as a trusted source.
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Video Marketing Tips For Success
Video marketing is a great way to convey your messages about your products and services to prospects and can dramatically increase your visibility in the search engines. Listen to five top tips which will put your video marketing campaigns on the path to success.
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SEO 2013 - Search Optimisation Tips to Improve Your Site's Visibility
Your website is your shop window, so it is important that it is visible in the major search engines. Search optimisation (SEO) is a set of processes to help achieve that. As Google works continually to improve the quality of its search results, it is important that the right legitimate processes are put in place - there are no quick fixes or magic tricks! This video looks at some of the most important factors that will improve the search visibility of your site.
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4 Techniques to Improve Lead Generation
Improved targeting can significantly raise the performance of your on-line advertising to generate more higher quality leads.
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Using Social Relationship Management to improve Customer Engagement
Effective use of social media networks can improve customer engagement. Implementing a Social Media Management strategy across all social accounts will help deliver results quicker and more consistently. Watch the video for five top tips.
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5 Components for building online Brand Authority
Your business is being checked out on-line, whether you know it or not. It is therefore essential to ensure that prospects build a positive image during their research. That means not relying upon third party web sites, but implementing your own strategy to build Brand Authority.
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Social Media for Professionals - Top Tips
Social networks such as LinkedIn and Google+ are powerful tools for demonstrating professional credibility and building online reputation. This video provides some top tips on how professionals can use social media for maximum benefit.
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5 Steps to Improve Customer Acquisition
Customer acquisition is the key outcome for most companies' digital marketing strategy. Have you included these five important components to help build that successful strategy?
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How Remarketing can improve Online Sales
Remarketing lets your ads be shown to people who have visited your website before, encouraging them to return to your site. It can be very effective improving brand recognition and e-commerce conversion rate.
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5 Simple Steps to Email Marketing Excellence
Email marketing should be a central part of the marketing strategy of every business. This video gives five tips on how to improve the excellence of your email marketing.
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Be Inspired for 2015
Don't sleep-walk into 2015. Be inspired to change and drive new successes in your business and your life.
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5 Steps to Gaining Competitive Advantage
Understanding your online competition is essential when planning your digital marketing strategy and associated campaigns. Implement the five steps outlined in the video to gain a real competitive advantage in your market.
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5 Reasons for Marketing with Video
When you consider 86% of the UK's online audience are accessing video sharing websites at least once a month, and that YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind Google, you have a pretty compelling case for adopting video marketing as a means of achieving your social media, email and search marketing goals. Compelling reason number One - Video Content is King Content is still king on the web, especially if it's video content. This doesn't mean big budget productions are the only way to win an audience. Today's video viewers are comfortable with simple inexpensive presentations, as long as the content entertains, educates and generally improves their online experience. 2. Encourage Conversation Video content is a great way to engage with customers, and promote a rapport by way of comments and feedback. This effective social media technique will establish a more meaningful relationship with clients and potential customers alike. 3. Promote Community As the web becomes more sociable, the onus for businesses is to join in by establishing their own community -- or miss out. Encouraging viewers to subscribe to your video channel enables you to build and maintain your own social group of repeat customers. 4. Enhance Search Marketing You may have already seen how Google and other search engines are beginning to incorporate video content in to search results. A well optimised video submission can provide local businesses with a distinct advantage in ranking better than a less proactive competitor. 5. Capitalise on Video Email Your email correspondence - whether it is a newsletter or your regular email signature - can be considerably improved by including your latest video presentation, providing readers with a compelling invitation to become a part of your online community. If you would like help to make video a successful part of your online marketing activities, get in touch. Andy Wooles Internet Marketing Consultant, WSI Chester 01928 787026
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5 Tips for Increasing  Sales and Leads using Marketing Automation
Marketing automation techniques can help you target more effectively and the scale up your marketing to increase the number and quality of your leads and sales. Watch the video to learn more.
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6 Tips for a successful Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital marketing is essential for the success of most businesses in today's market. This video outlines six essential components to include when building the right strategy for your business.
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How to Integrate Email and Social Media for Success
Internet Marketing consultants - WSI Cheshire explain how email marketing and social networking are complementary technologies and should be used in tandem. Integrating and running campaigns across multiple channels can drive much higher audience engagement. Social networking is not replacing email marketing but enhancing it. Need further information or help? Call Andy Wooles, Internet Consultant on 01928 787026
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